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He is list of CFL FA I put Star Beside guys I like to see here

QB Darian Durant
LB Anton McKenzie
LB Mike McCullough
RB Neal Hughes
DB Lance Frazier
LB Sean Lucas
OL Belton Johnson (RESIGNED)
OL Mike Abou-Mechrek
S Leron Mitchell
S Tristan Clovis
OL Steve Morley
WR D.J. Flick

QB Anthony Calvillo
SB Ben Cahoon * (should Stay in Montreal)
OC Brian Chiu (RESIGNED)
OT Dave Mudge
OG Scott Flory
OT Luke Fritz
WR Brian Bratton
RB Mike Imoh
SB Dave Stala
SB Elijan Thurmon *
CB Davis Sanchez
DE Anwar Stewart (RESIGNED)
LB Shawn Gallant
DT Devone Claybrooks
LB Walter Spencer
CB Mark Estelle
Étinne Boulay (RESIGNED)

RB Jesse Lumsden
K Nick Setta *
RB Jeff Piercy *
LB Ray Mariuz *
DL Alain Kashama

DB Jordan Younger
DB Jonte Buhl
LB Kenny Onatolu
DE Brandon Guillory
OL John Comiskey (RESIGNED)
OL Tim Bakker *
WR Andrew Nowacki
OL Joe McGrath
K Noel Prefontaine (RESIGNED)

OL Rob Murphy *
OL Jason Jimenez
K Paul McCallum
LB Jamall Johnson
DL Matt Kirk

WR Ryan Thelwell *
P Burke Dales
LB Marc Calixte (RESIGNED)
DL Mike Labinjo (RESIGNED)

S Kenny Wheaton
LB Kevin Eiben
WR Arland Bruce
LB Willie Pile

LB Cam Hall
RB Fred Reid
OL Dominic Picard
DE Gavin Walls
DB Kelly Malveaux
DE Jerome Haywood *
LB Ike Charlton
OL Kyle Koch
RB Graeme Bell
OL Alexandre Gauthier
OL Matt O'Meara *
DL Jon Oosterhuis
DL Shawn Mayne
LS Chris Cvetkovic

No Team
Jason Clairmont

I think, if they make it to free agency without being re-signed by their old clubs, the following guys might be on our radar:




FA begins Feb 1st. Till then none of these guys with exception of current Ticats can be approached unless they are released or in Cahoon's case they are FA at an earlier date.

We need to resign Setta and Piercy, and then see if we can get a few FA’s to come here. Gavin Walls, Jason Jiminez, Arlen Bruce and maybe Cam Hall or something sounds good to me.

I think FA season starts at 1201 EDT Feb 16.

One guy the 'Cats should be after is linebacker Kenny Onatolu from the Edmonton Eskimos. I was very impressed with his play while watching the Eskimos this year.

The Cats can't get stupid and greedy right now. They need to sign younger players 23-28 who will be in their prime in 2-3 years. There is no point in signing a guy who is 32 because you will overpay for him and declines can be fast and brutal.

We are looking for young, talented guys, a little bit on the cheap side. Spending money on aged vets kills your salary cap and you are forced to play raw rookies.

One of the Als or Lions O-Lineman would look great with us next year.

Luke Fritz, Dominic Picard are the two most likely willing to move. Murphy and Jimenez won't go anywhere. Claybrooks stated he'd go back to the Als if most of his teammates come back so I doubt he's going anywhere. Bruce would be a nice addition, there aren't many experienced quality receivers available.

A few decent ones but people are missing the trend. With the salary cap many of the stars sign with their previous team and don't either make it to the deadline or sign just after it.

With that said looks like Wally may let one of his OL go which would be a great pick up for the Cats. I would also be interested in whether Younger becomes available.

Elijah Thurman can officially be +'d to the list, along with Jeff Keeping and Mike Villimek as they are all Cap Casualites.

http://www.cfl.ca/roster/listFreeAgent the Official list of FA as of now+

If I were Obie I would set my sights on Alexandre Gauthier, he's young, Canadian and a starting OT, he would help with the ratio and fill a critical spot on the O-line. I would also try to get Gavin Walls, he would certainly help the pass rush.

I think Obie will likely have no trouble finding a veteran receiver to help provide stability with such a young group of receivers, something Miles wasn't able to do last year. Take your pick from Flick, Thurmon, Bruce, Thelwell and possibly another Rider receiver now that Clairmont is there.

If the Arena league does suspend operations there will be plenty of inexpensive free agents available.

Great post Tiger Dirt, I agree 100%. Two good examples from last year....Tony Miles and Markeith Knowlton. Miles is over the hill, injury prone, and didn't contribute much to the Cats' attack in 2008. On the other hand, Knowlton was a diamond in the rough and played great defence; relatively inexpensive and the right age.

So, this year, more Knowlton's and fewer Miles's.

A fan on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan forum on cfl.ca has relayed a report he heard on Winnipeg radio station CJOB that the Bombers are about to re-sign six of their free agents:

RB Fred Reid
OL Dominic Picard
DE Gavin Walls
DB Kelly Malveaux
LB Ike Charlton
OL Kyle Koch

He also mentioned speculation that OL Alexandre Gauthier will eventually sign with the Calgary Stampeders.

Im not sure why Taman would bring back most of those bums after they stunk out the joint in the 08 playoffs. Here's hoping teams don't re-sign the potential FA's I hope the Cats sign: WR Bruce, OT Murphy, LB McKenzie, DT Claybrooks and DE Guillory.

Well I think all those that you list would help the Cats in areas where they need help, with one exception.

I'd stay away from Bruce. Don't care for his attitude, and I don't think the Cats need that.

Bruce has got bad rep but work hard in Practices and can catch the dam ball
I take him over Tony" I am hurt again" Miles anyday