FA Signings thread

We may as well have one thread for all free agent signings and discussion just to keep things easy peasy. So we signed Alex Green today. Great move!

Would like to see Mercer Timmis come back too, kids dynamite. Alex Green is a TD machine, hugeee underrated signing

Jones loves his blocking. Lacks the breakaway speed of John White.

I am very meh on his game overall. Very solid and steady. Shouldn’t complain I guess.

Is White still an FA? Doesn’t hurt to have both around, given the demands of the position. Although I could see both wanting a bit more pay than last year.

Pretty sure white is un signed at this point. Green is a machine IMO.

Alex Green - “This is one of the best lockerrooms I’ve been around, ever”

WOW! Things are happening fast! Just like our Offence is going to be. :slight_smile:

Lets see how this Offence is adding up

QB - Masoli

RB - Green, Thomas Erlington,

Oline - Most should be back except Ryker Mathews

REC - Tasker, Banks, Saunders, Addison

LS - Crawford

I like our line up but last years underperform/achieve has got me cautious. And Masoli is still a big question mark too. I hope we remain Intact and take another shot at living up to expectations though. I’d also like to see some kicking talent in camp .

You’re right on White. He remains un-signed for '19 as are:
Breaux, Brooks, Chambers, Cooper, Daly, Davis, Dean, Faubert-Lussier, Filer, Hajrullahu, Johnson, Jones, S. Lawrence, Leonard, McDaniel, Moniz, Neill, Rice, Sinkfield, Stephen, Timmis, Toliver, Tracy, Unamba, Vaughn, Whitlock and C. Wiliams.

Last year more or less we just lacked the ability to finish close games. We could pound teams into the dirt but if they challenged us mentally and physically for a full 60 minutes, we had a lot of trouble coming out on top. Masoli had a great campaign especially considering it was his first full season as a starting QB in this league. Im excited to see what some continuity, a young stud at HC, a new fresh minded DC and arguably the best ST coordinator in the CFL can do to take those close losses and make them close wins

Mike Daly signed

As reported on Twitter, Mike Daley has resigned.

But he’s “too slow”… why would the team sign a guy that’s “too slow” in the eyes of some fans? Could it be because he’s actually good, regardless of their ignorance that stops them from seeing it?

Mike Daly re-signs with the Cats ! I guess Coach O, June Jones, Burke, and Allemang must know something about talent. He’s a hitter on the back end of the D . Being a McMaster grad, he is probably the smartest guy on the team. This is a great signing ! I hope Courtney Stephen re-signs as well.

Pat Lynch (the old Mac grad)

Are you related to Daly? ?

Good signing. With some competition at camp (if there is one) he’ll have to earn his spot. That’s all we can ask for.

I would love to see Timmis sign with a team that is willing to play a Canadian running back. I think he could start for a team and I would love to see him play regularly. Lots of good Canadian running backs available in this year’s draft so a team should have no problem finding a Canadian running back to back him up. Here are some of the Canadian running backs available in this years draft:

  1. Maleek Irons, Ohio
  2. Brady Oliveira, North Dakota
  3. Cedric Joseph, Western
  4. Gabriel Polan, Sherbrooke
  5. Jamel Lyles, Manitoba
  6. Levondre Gordon, Laurier

Alex Green is going to be the starting running back on the Ticats as long as Coach Jones is here.

I can see Green as the starter, White as the back-up, then Thomas Erlington and Timmis as depth. Both Green and White have had injury issues here, but fourth on the depth chart might not be enough incentive for Timmis to re-sign, if he gets a comparable dollars offer and the chance for more playing time elsewhere?

Hey Palmer, I agree with 3 of the 4 running backs that you mentioned . Green is the guy ! Timmis and Thomas Erlington play the teams as well as having the ability to start . I’d want all three on my team. White is a dancer with a long injury history . Maybe a young guy like a Ray Lawry becomes the reserve American back on the practice roster or a swing starter.

Having 2 American running backs on the game day roster would alter the ratio . You’d probably have to add another starting Canadian on the D or the OLine, plus a backup. That’s not impossible. The more good Canadian talent you have, the more permutations and combinations you can create .

Pat Lynch (the old Thomas Erlington and Mercer Timmis fan)

Pat, sorry, I wasn‘t clear. I was thinking of White in a “back-up? role more in the sense of a replacement starter, in the event that Green is not available. ‘Swing starter’ as you put it. I see Thomas Erlington and Timmis as typically the back-ups listed on the game day depth charts.

I have to agree that dressing two American RBs on the game day roster would be a cause for ratio issues. Timmis seems to typically be the second listed back-up on game day, behind Green or White as starter, and behind Thomas Erlinton who has typically been listed as first back-up. However, during games, both appear to play dependant more on down, situation, and of course, ratio.

However, when all is said and done, I guess my thought is that Timmis is seen first and foremost as a Special Teams guy by the Cats, which might lead him to test the waters as a FA?

White is good enough to be the #1 for any team, so I’m not sure if he would continue to be happy with the limited role he had last year. Players want to play.