Fa Period set to begin

Heard on OB this morning that The BB'S are close to aquiring the services of Tad Kornegay who played for the Riders the past 2-3 seasons and recorded 70+ tackles last season playing DB, any truth to this? Is he even a Free agent or is this one of those trades Mack was talking about? If this is true, i would say this is a great pick up for the BB'S and will solidify our defense a little more, only one or two quality player's will be needed on our Defense!! Another name floating around is Jordan Younger!!

Also heard through the grape vine after Mack stated on the weekend in the FP that he is in trade talks with a FEW teams that two of those teams are Edmonton and BC, if so who could he be after in Edmonton? Kelly Campbell is my guess. How about BC, who can we be after?

....Kornegays a good one.....i think we'll probably see Jyles .....outside chance on Kornegay....i don't think he's that happy about re-upping in riderville...but ya never know....he could be levering us for a big raise in sask... :wink: ..Kelly Campbell is a distinct possibility as well....through trade... :wink:

....Kornegay has just re-signed with the riders.....what a ho-hum free agency... :lol: :lol: Looks like much ado about nothing for us and a couple of other clubs..at least so far.. :roll:

what grape vine have you heard this through?

The first trade Mack makes will be heavily scrutinized by Bomber fans. It will be a real indicator that he either does or doesn't know what he's doing. If he gets Kelly Campbell from Edmonton and doesn't get fleeced in the process, that would be a real positive for Winnipeg.

Its tough to compete for free agents when a team has no track record. Its a huge risk when your contract is not guarranteed. Players will use the offers to negotiate but that's about it.

The other thing is FA might be a good idea if a team is on the cusp (Edmonton) or if you have a specific need where you are 100 percent certain you can improve your team. In this case where the Bombers are zeroing the clocks again. The smart thing to do is to first get to know the players they have as opposed to what Kelly did.

Then there is geography. Guys like Marcoux and DeAngelis want to play closer to home...

Certainly tougher and a little slower to rebuild a football team with the SMS in the way.

And with respect to specific needs, there really weren't many players who actually made it to FA that were in that category for the Bombers. Mack said he was going to let the dust settle and see what was left. He also said he was hoping to sign some American players who have never played in the CFL before in the next couple of weeks and that he's in trade talks with some teams. I don't think he had any plans on making much of a play for any of the players who made it to FA.

With the SMS you can't offer a guy a 50k raise. So if a player is successful he's not going to move for 10k, in fact he might lose more then that in playoff money.

If I am Winnipeg. I'm focusing on the QB and Oline position. Everything else becomes secondary.

And how many QBs and O-lineman are available as FAs? I believe Gagne-Marcoux was the only one who actually made it to free agency and the only QB is Jyles.

The Bombers have already re-signed the 2 o-lineman they drafted in 2009 (Bestard and Morris), they will likely be re-signing Ryan Donnelly and there are a few o-lineman that will be available in this year's draft.

As for QB, it's been reported that Baressi is interested in LeFors so if the Bombers decide to keep him on the roster then there's really no reason to go after Jyles IMO. The FP has reported there are supposedly trade talks with the Argos to bring Joseph to Winnipeg but that would only happen if Joseph takes a BIG paycut. The Bombers have good prospects in the QB department. If they want to make a move at QB then it has to be for an experienced veteran QB and Jyles is not that.

...........I agree on Jyles.....he's not at the top of my list.....IF we sign him ...okay...if not.....not a great loss...We do have a stable of promising qbs....as good as Jyles in my estimation...He would be just another candidate for the qb. position orrrrrr back-up......
....Bishop will be a casuality in my estimation....He is not HIGH on LaPolices' list....So i think we're still in the hunt for an experienced seasoned qb.....I can see us waiting till B.C. has to make a major decision on either Jackson or Pierce....McPherson is still a possibilty, although dealing with the Als. for his services will be tough....Even at that ...McPherson is not a seasoned qb. but certainly has the potential to be a star in this league...so he might not be on Macks radar or meet the 'immediate' need...The priority is definitely at qb......hopefully an acquisition of note is made soon.. :roll:

Exactly why the Bombers haven't spent money on FA... no argument from me.

Yup, a little too quiet, something 'big' is going down.

you think?
I’m not so sure. I think I’d just lay back , open TC and build a new culture after the scenario last year. I watched the team a lot last year and between the suffocating negativity of the media and kelly not being able to handle it I saw a talented squad. I found the whole thing sad and feel bad for Kelly in a way.
But I think the squad has talent. Just relax, add a receiver, instill some confidence, suck the immature medias collective wit and I think the Bombers will be pretty good.

After reading the article i believe the Bombers are going to make a couple of moves in the next couple of days, at QB as it stands Baressi is confident that LeFors can revive his career in the Peg, and can very well do so, playing injured last season LeFors wasn't all that bad considering. We have Santos and Dimichele coming back, in my opinion two great team player's and two of the most promising in the league, LaPo wants to take a stab at Jyles and Mack is talking trae for Joseph for a veteren presence, which makes no sense to me at all, why Joseph? I never have liked Joseph and would much rather have Bishop come back as a veteren presence before anyone else, at least Bish can still throw the ball ad has a great attitude and if they bring in Joseph (and at what price?) Bishop is finished!! i'll be the first to say Joseph over Bishop is a big mistake!! so it looks if all goes down as reported the QB stable at TC will be LeFors, Bramlet, Dimichele, Santos, Jyles and Joseph with Bishop not getting a fair shot at a full Training camp. I don't mind the fact of the BB'S going after Jyles, but Joseph is a huge mistake and what will a trade for Joseph cost us? The guy is 37 years old, just hope T.O doesn't fleece Mack.

Bombers are also still in contract talks with Donnely and hace expressed interest in a DB and OL "when the dust settles", okay maybe as security on oline and we do need another quality DB, we need to also look at reciever's and i believe Mack is still in talks with Edmonton about a reciever, who? i can only guess Campbell in Edmonton. Also heard Bomber's interested in someone from BC, who may that be? a defensive player i assume!! see how this all plays out in the next little while.

...I'm going to lose interest pretty quick if that's all we can muster is Joseph.....Andrus had him playing as a pocket passer.....when Kerry should have been able to roll out and use the field with his legs more....UNLESS that was planned cuz he can't....Personally i think there has to be a better option ....He;s not worth the dough you'd have to pay him...

We were certainly quiet in the fa dept.....although looking at all clubs....most of the fa signings were done by the fas current team....T.O. made a few moves...Cats and Esks. pulled off a trade...Leos signed a couple... Cal. and us were in suspended animation..... all in all it was pretty quiet....which leads me to believe something is cooking in the trade dept....I sure can't see us standing pat...cuz if that's the case ....we could be in for a very loooooong year :roll: :roll:

Teams are choked by the SMS. Freezing the SMS for two consecutive years is really hard. Even the Bombers have little to no money. I think teams are going to cut a bunch of guys and put them on the market and then these poor souls have to fight for whatever is left in the pot. Right now teams are trying to make deals at some point they will cross that line in the sand and cut guys.

If the Bombers trade for Joseph the entire league will die of laughter. Even signing Jyles, who is certainly not a legitimate starter yet, would make more sense than giving up something of value for an old QB whose better days are behind him.

And after the Eskies shipped Mann to Hamilton, you can say goodbye to trading for Kelly Campbell.

I think the Bombers have to make at least one positive move in the next few weeks (good FA signing, trade), or their fanbase will be frustrated. Inaction is making the Bombers look very cheap.

Season only starts in July. There was not much in FA this year. Trades may make more sense and then there are a pile of quality guys that are going to be cut. Guys like Randy Drew, Kenton Keith, Buck Pierce. Do you want to overpay for a guy like Cates and then find out you can't make a play for Keith ?

Reason Cates isn't signed is because the Riders expect Keith to be released. So a team like the Bombers could come in and make a trade. These are just examples but there is a long way to go to Canada day. Patience and having money in fist is key when rebuilding a team.

BC is rich in QB's
Edmonton is rich in DB's
Montreal is rich in OL and QB's

Keith will only be released by Hamilton if Obie signs Dorsey, who would want reps at RB as well as at KR.

not gonna lie, if we sign joseph, ill break out the paper bag for the first time as a bomber fan...

apparently we are interested in jason shivers, but dont want to overpay, and he would prefer to stay in southern ontario

I hope they dont overpay, Hefny may still come back, then what?

and hopefully we are seriously trying to pry campbell out of edmonton... i think ralph, charlton could do it... if not throw in a neg lister or prospect player.