Fa Period set to begin

Now that we have basically no one to re-sign (Hargreaves and Donnely both close to re-signing) we can turn our attention to available FA'S to help the Bombers in 2010.

It's no secret that Jyles is of interest to LaPo, but would need to come VERY CHEAP as he would be as EXPENDABLE as any QB we have (LeFors, Bishop, Santos, DiMichele, Bramlet) no secret that LaPO is interested? Time will tell, but Mysteriously Jyles was in the Bomber Roster with the CFL, they say it was a glitch, but was it? :roll:

MTL has a few FA'S that we should look at including Watkins, Kerry Carter (FB) and Ferri (is he still available?) If so Ferri would be an upgrade to our LineBacking crew, Watkins would be a #1 Target with Bowman being #2 and Edwards (if healthy) being #3, if we cannot land Watkins we should go after Campbell in Edmonton!! LaPo likes an offense with a FB to block for our QB and RB'S and we need this after Reid became invisible after the BC game last year, He loved having Szarka in Sask as a compliment to there running game, same could be said for Carter, who happens to be a monster of a back and great on Special Teams as well, but with Szarka retiring (most likely) look at sask making a run at Carter. Byron Parker is a very athletic player who would compliment Jovon at CB and can also play HB, this would be a huge upgrade. After these names i really don't see many FA'S that are an improvement for the Bombers, what are your thoughts?


Next idea would be to trade for improvement, i can see Edwards being trade bait with his injuries and lack of production last year when played, who would be interested .. lol ... :roll: Never know!! With Bernard and two other young kids at RB and especially if the Bombers sign a FB (Carter) i can see Reid available for the right price, Bernard is just as good and has better hands and deserves more playing time. Other notables that may be trade bait on the BB'S roster is Perry (age will hinder any signifigant trade for him), Gavin Walls (many will argue with me here, but look at his declining stats since his rookie season) plus i like Willis and Hunt on our D-Line both are younger than Gavin!! I would say that Shabazz may be trade material, only if we land a solid replacement. Other than that i don't see anyone else i would trade away. Reid, Perry, Edwards, G.Walls, Shabazz (unlikely), all these players should bring something of value in a trade!!

Do not count out the return of Titus Ryan and Jonathon Heffney (in August anyway's) and Barrin Simpson may still return to camp (regardless of what rumours people heard, BC DID NOT sign Barrin, Yet!!), many scenerios, signings and trades can happen, let's hope Mack doesn't make any DUMB DEALS as we need improvement, if he cannot get player's which are just as good or better in a trade, don't trade them, i would be happy with most returning.

Let the FA moves begin!! oh and no rumours on this post, the above is just my opinion and in no way shall be mistaken for rumours, please let's keep this serious (MB2010) .. LOL ... J/K man, relax!!

Here is a trade scenerio for you, with Mallett in BC jumping to the NFL, is there anyone from BC of interest for Reid and maybe another player? BC would love to have Reid and with the right player(S) coming to the Peg and Bernard as RB would losing Reid be such a big deal?

Diamond Ferri re-signed with the Als. He's not an impending free agent.

Granted, i am looking at an outdated list of FA's, that is a great re-signing by the ALS, alway's liked Ferri's work ethic!!

I like Diamond too. I'd put our linebacking corps against any other CFL team. Ferri, Emry, and Cox, with Guzman rotating in at MLB occasionally. Pretty good, I'd say. :slight_smile:

.....Kelly Campbell would have to be acquired through a trade......as he seems to still be under contract to the schmoes....Tad Kornegay is an intriguing fa.....Taman is having trouble signing a few guys and LaPolice is bending a few guys ears in riderville....look for some surprises.. :wink: Byron Parker is another one of interest....We have lost a good one in Hefney and he would be a nice replacement.....Otherwise i don't see us making many moves in free agency.....but trade winds could be blowing shortly thereafter.. :wink:

byron parker is a cornerback so he'd either replace jovon (who just signed a new deal)(so dont think so) or keyou craver(which im fine with) hefney was the inside db.

still a defensive backfield consisting of jovon,insert db here, lwalls and bparker is solid, i think its unreasonable.

watkins is a guy who will want to much money and for a guy who is 31, id say pass. Receivers and running backs are the 2 easiest positions to fill.

realistically bombers need oline help, they need a guard to play opposite labatte... MARCOUX WORKS.

bombers need a qb... none of them interest me. jyles? wasnt he 3rd string in edmonton when lefors was 2nd? YEAH DONT THINK SO.

nobody else out there really. its a weak draft year. the bombers should look at marcoux and bparker and really thats about it keron williams too is a nice upgrade but we have a good young one in dorian smith also.

Kornegay? he plays linebacker? we need lots of linebacker help. He's another 1 id look at.

marcoux,williams,kornegay,bparker <-- if im the bombers im targeting these guys. marcoux,kornegay,bparker,williams (in that order)

like i said, weak free agent class tho.

...I didn't say Parker would replace Hefney...just obtaining the services of a quality db....because we lost one ,is what i am saying....and if he replaces Craver....great....big up-grade :thup: Parker also return punts.....he'd look nice beside Jovon on returns.. :wink:

I predict my Ticats will sign DeAngelis, Watkins and Dorsey. If that happens, Hamilton is Cup bound.

hamilton is going to be scary if they land watkins. that will complete there offence.... you have a nice young defensive line that is going to get better every year and dominant linebackers...

just need a db or two and hamilton would definately compete with the als for 1st

i doubt we will even make an offer for watkins. pretty sure he plays bowmans spot, did not realise this until i read some posts on OB.... would like to see the bombers bring in some darn good recievers tho... doesnt edmonton need a tweener LB?

grab Tad Kornegay, and ship Ike Charlton over to edmonton for Campbell.... we could also move shabazz over to sam LB and and sign a good Will from the south... Jasper Johnson really turned some heads last year... give him another shot

Mack sure isn't tipping his hand, smart move.

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/football/2010/02/15/12883806-sun.html]http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/footb ... 6-sun.html[/url]

well, if he is being honest, that definately means we wont be seeing parker here, or watkins…

which is fine, they would be pretty expensive anyway, and its not like craver was terrible last season.

my list seems to be changing alot but the guys id like to see here the most are pk sam, jason shivers marc parentau and or cedric gagne marcoux

tad kornegay wouldnt be a bad pick up either

kerry carter would be nice but i suspect he will resign soon

.....Watkins and McKelveen re-sign with Als.....Stu Foord re-signs with sask.... :expressionless:

I'll agree that Craver wasn't terrible last season. . . that said, he wasn't all that good either. Average to mediocre; if the numbers worked Parker would be a signifcant upgrade. . . but given his saying that he'd like to return to Toronto coupled with Barker's announcement that the Argos are going to go to more man-to-man defence next season, Parker back to Toronto looks likely.

Of the others, I'd agree that Kornegay and Shivers would be decent pickups.

Scratch 1, maybe two form the FA list as just announced Kerry Watkins has re-signed with the Als, terms not disclosed but sources say he may have signed for less to stay with the ALS .... hmmm .... Also reported that Byron Parker is inches from closing a deal that would keep him in Toronto "long term" .... after this i really agree that the Free Agent period this year WILL NOT bring any huge signings for ANY team!!

Kerry Carter is coming out of knee surgery. I don't think that he will sign with another team but the Als.


.........seems fa. is a big fizzle compared to last years razzle-dazzle :lol: ...Still a few names out there that could make a difference.....Jyles is probably on his way to the PEG...Any other significant moves, will probably be after free agency, when a few clubs address their needs through trades....a fact i've mentioned a few times and reading Mack between the lines, that is a big possibilty for the BigBlue.. :wink:

In a way, it might be a blessing not spend wildly on a pile of free agents. It didn't do the Eskimos a whole lot of good last season.

.....Macks words more or less.....he said you can get 'burned' in fa moves....Smart man...Do ya think we FINALLY have a guy who thinks rationally....I can see why he has been very sucessful in the past :wink: :thup: Don't spend what you don't have.....there are other ways of obtaining great talent.

Agreed. It's part of why Jim Popp has been successful in this business. He places a higher priority on re-signing his own talent and then making selective acquisitions in free agency, rather than spending like a drunken sailor.

If Mack is taking this tack (ha!), he's already two steps ahead of the Professor.