FA Open Season 2022

FA's can be signed today? Are we expecting a bunch of moves?
Is there a thread to follow the action?

I don’t think there is a general thread so this can be the one.

Lawler to Edm
Davis to TO
Ellington to Wpg
D Adams to Ott
Ciraco to Ott
Levels to Ott

To start

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These are all confirmed? Ellington hey? I don't know much about him, but he is a vet.
What did Esk fans think of him?

I don’t think he had a great year in Edm but then no one did. He has had some great years. Similar to Adams in a lot of ways. Not the speediest but great hands and both aging. My guess is that Darvin wanted more than “Duke” Ellington.

It's "ELLINGSON" people. Not 'ellington'

I just realized the error of my ways. But his nickname still needs to be “Duke” Ellingson.


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Looks like it's Moncrief to Sask.

Also, according to Naylor Andrew Harris and the Bombers couldn't agree of a new contract so he's probably the biggest fish right now.

Purifoy to Lions, Sankey to Sask, Powell to Ott, Lawler to Edm and Davis to Argos now all official.

The Redblacks are making a bit of a splash. They have no quarterback but some decent signings

The riders are going to have quite the linebacking core. Sankey and Moncrief back in Saskatchewan

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Looks like Andrew Harris will be an Argo.

Terms will be interesting, if they are released.
Sad to see him go, wish him all the best. Sucks that Argos don't play in WPG on this schedule....we don't get to give him the sendoff.

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That’s ok. He might be hurt anyway.

I'm curious as to why the nickname "Duke" ?
I just googled and there was some composder that died 50 years ago called Ellington??

But a good move by the Bombers

Famous jazz musician. Name is Ellington. That is where I got confused as I like music as much as I like football.

Ellingson a great receiver, tall and can catch anything near him.
I said in another post that I think Acklin is just like Ellingson, same size same ability

I hope you are right. Truth is I haven’t seen a lot of him lately but think he will do well if he’s not washed up, which he doesn’t seem to be.

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He can catch, one of the many great catches he's done. Just a great receiver.

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There was another video posted of an amazing catch by him a few months back. Very similar.

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