FA Most Wanted: The guy with all of the options

TORONTO — Just seven weeks removed from lifting the Grey Cup, Kenny Lawler has some decisions to make.

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Geez, Lions throwing around the cash hey? 200K for Lucky, offering 250K to Lawler, gotta wonder how that made BB feel.....

Not sure how the Bombers can get that deal done, I think he's gone....too bad, he'd have another great year here!


I'm sure there's some contingency plan in place already in case Lawler bolts. I hope we don't lose him but you gotta figure we'll find someone to do the job. Our talent scouts are batting a thousand so far.

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It’s funny how the Lions are spending so much on receivers when they don’t have an established QB yet. It would be no surprise if Lawler left, but a bit of a surprise if he went to BC.

I am sure Winnipeg’s receiver machine department will unearth another gem or two. Thankfully, a US receiver isn’t the hardest position to fill on a CFL roster. That and running back. Dozens of qualified candidates to choose from, providing they have enough Rorschach tests in stock.