FA Most Wanted: The disruptive playmaker

REGINA — The term ‘playmaker’ is often bestowed upon players on the offensive side of the ball. However, one of the most disruptive playmakers of the 2022 season was a member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ defence.

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I've heard that Sankey & Lanier, both key pieces, haven't been that complimentary on their social media sites. If true, Sankey may be gone. Shaq Evans apparently is another guy changing colours. Sankey would be a big addition to any team.

I shake my head at what's going on with the Riders. I haven't heard but have they got a QB coach or receivers coach yet? Or DL coach? How do you sell your team to players out there? Is that why they still have by far the most unsigned players?

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Somebody wake O'Day up and get this guy extended.

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Sankey makes a lot of tackles but most of them are 9 yards down field

I think Hamilton only has Bo signed.

That's true. But as mentioned in another article getting Bo signed, so you can properly budget & players know who the QB will be, is the 1st step.

The TiCats only had 23 FA's while the Riders had 41. Having only signed 5 to this point, the Riders have 36 still unsigned - 12 more than Hamilton. So lots of work getting the coaching staff finalized & identifying & signing who you want to keep.

I think Sankey is going to test the FA market. He left Calgary for Sask last year because Riders offered more money. He will be looking for the same thing this season.
Sask will not be much higher than last in the Western Division this year if they don't start signing their best player real soon. There is going to be a mass exodus otherwise and the Riders will be left with scraps. Maybe they are waiting to get a decent QB before attracting other players.