FA Most Wanted: The big play-ready ratio breaker

WINNIPEG β€” Watching Nic Demski play football carries exceeding amounts of hope or dread, depending on what your allegiances are.

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I think he's probably one of those guys looking at what his market value is. There will be a few of those who will want their current team to match the best offer on the open market.....

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I think Demski deserves a big increase in his contract. Can anyone blame him if he is going to test the FA market and put the screws to the Bombers to match or loose out? He likely doesn't have many years left so make the best of what he still has would be my opinion. The question I figure is, can the Bombers match what he is worth with the contracts they have already settled?

That may be although I get the feeling that the Bombers aren’t done signing players just yet based on the last few years.

Demski is also small and gets hurt a lot. I think about 12 games is what you can reliably expect from him as he ages. The fact that he was born and raised in Winnipeg will be I am sure a factor in his decision.

Demski is also a prime example of how the ratio rules negatively affect competitive integrity. As a slot back he is a pretty good CFL player. As a Canadian slot back he is nearing superstar status and an awesome player. I have never been able to get behind that dynamic and losing him because of his birth certificate, were that to happen, is hogwash as far as I’m concerned.

He may need to and may very well take a hometown discount to remain a Bomber, which could easily be made up via playoff money.


If the Bombers don't resign him it will be a big mistake.

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Further to my point - the Bombers and Demski may be far enough apart they are willing to see what he receives as offers before signing him.

I think there are a bunch of guys in this class, where they are going to let the open market set their value before signing back with the club they were with last season.

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Bombers have Bailey and Ellingson along with Demski as a FA. Schoen is still up in the air. They need to look at the entire group and come up with a balance that works best. I won't be surprised if Demski signs elsewhere.

Bombers should look at R.J. Harris and Brandon Banks imo

As far as I know, Schoen is still under rookie contract, which is two years unless the NFL picks him up. Not too worried about that. Would love to have Demski stay... hope he does.


Bailey - OK
Elligson - Hip problems in Edmonton and last year in Winnipeg kept him out of a significant number of games. While he is a brilliant receiver, it may be time to call it a career......

Banks - After his antics in Toronto last year, I highly doubt he is on anybodys list as someone to hire.


Yes he is a whiny b*tch but he tells it like it is and in no worse shape than any of the other 35 yr olds being signed either.

Speedy is right about running by guys with a good example of exactly that in the GC but MBT threw it outside. Might have been the last pass MBT threw before leaving the game. I remember being impressed by the route. Being third and fourth read is what hurt him most imo.

Being as McCloud Bethel Thompson is a potential nationalized American / 8th stater I consider him to be the #1 big play ready guy on the market.

Sask needs to give up a third round pick for the rights and sign him to a multi year deal as it appears Toronto is being reluctant to do so. Waiting for FA is just delaying the coaches from building their playbook. Ranking either Trevor Harris or Dane Evans ahead of MBT is some form of denial imo.

No, having Pinball grab him during a game and read him the riot act on the sidelines when he was acting like a spoiled brat and distracting his own team is the reason he is done.
He is a fantastic athlete no doubt but pulling the same crap in Toronto and Hamilton says - if you take him you get his huge ego and disruptive behaviour too and so far - nobody has shown interest in that.......

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