FA Most Wanted: Automatic production

TORONTO — If there were any questions about what Kenny Lawler could do with a new team and in a new system in 2022, the star receiver answered them right away.

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Getting it resolved doesn't necessarily means he signs. In a recent interview with Dunk it was revealed Dhillon Mitchell is getting $160K per year, which is good money. But with a cheaper QB they certainly can pay Lawler. IMO it's probably a 60-50 proposition he re-ups with the Elks. I'm going by the fact he has apparently moved his family up there & there is interest on both sides to get something done.

Some of the higher profile players may wait till a week before FA when the window is open for all teams to put in offers with the current team having the ability to match any offer after they are laid on the table. If it goes that far, he may be gone. I expect a team like the Riders, in particular, would put a big offer on the table - they need help at that position & I would be shocked if they re-sign Duke. But who knows?

I would say Lawler most likely want a big paycheck (which Edmonton gave him last year) but also wants a more competitive and successful team that would bring him more recongisition. That would give him an opportunity to pursue opportunities in the NFL = even more $$$. Jones isn't ready to get the Elks into a playoff position just yet. So FA is where I see Lawler going.

Good points. But that doesn't explain his apparent move of family to Edmonton this off season. And players there have bought into the idea the Elks are on their way up - as players did in Regina in 2016. Jones has a record, as a HC, of making improvements quickly & in both of his prior stops the wins increased every year as a coach.

If you're going to test the market in the US the window is closing on Lawler. The NFL has little interest in bringing in players who are in their late 20's. Guys like Zylstra, Duke, & Schoen this year, were/are younger. The Schoen group has been very quiet. Lawler will be 20 next year, turning 30 before the CFL season gets underway. That window is effectively closed next year IMO.

I agree with you that it would not surprise me to see Lawler wait out FA. But IMO the Elks still look like the place he wants to go to. But FA always has a few surprises.

You wrote “Lawler will be 20 next year, turning 30 before the CFL season gets underway” I certainly hope the season start doesn’t take 10 HUMAN years! J LOL J

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Must be having a bad week. I also wrote earlier that it was 60-50 he would re-sign.

Fact - 5 out of every 2 people don't understand ratios. :rofl:

Last year the Lions offered him 2 years worth 280K a year but he decided to sign with the Elks for 1 year instead. If he does go to FA, I m sure other teams like Saskatchewan and BC will want to sign him. He is looking for 300K plus per season. The Elks may not have the $ this year because they gave other players like Mitchell more money.