FA Most Wanted: A two-time All-Star receiver

TORONTO — Dalton Schoen has done nothing but been productive since entering the CFL.

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All of that makes sense to me. What doesn’t make sense to me is Schoen in Wpg. With Lawler taking a cut & ONLY getting $285K, do you want to pay $300K to Schoen if that is his market value? Demski comes in this year @ $190K so you’re going to invest about $900K in 3 receivers?? With Collaros & his $600K you used just under 35% of your CAP. Better save your money for Brady.

With all 3 receivers the Bombers still led the CFL in rushing attempts. They’ve been #1 or 2 since Harris came to town. That is the Bomber identity. Brady’s the big piece in the puzzle IMO - not Schoen.

1+1=3​:grinning:Sorry - should be about $800K for the trio. Still doesn’t move the dial for me. :smile: