FA Most Wanted: A QB with something to prove

TORONTO — By his most recent measurements Cody Fajardo stood at six-foot-two and a solid 223 pounds.

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Agreed. IMO Montreal with Maas there, or Toronto if McBeth is gone, are likely landing spots.

Not too sure if Fajardo would want to be reunited with Maas. I thought there was tension among them all year long.

Let's say he leaves Regina, who moves there? There are not many starter level QBs just hanging around.

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What really isn't pointed out is the real lack of an effective offense Line for protection. Where ever Fajardo goes he better find a team with a better O Line than he had in Regina . If that happens then he will help his new team succeed. If not next year he will be on the hunt again.

I just really feel the Riders should move on from Fajardo.
Too much animosity from last

Why is SK not an option? It’s as much a possible landing spot for Fajardo as MTL or TOR… Maybe more. Especially if the Riders QB search goes as well as the OC search.

In a Regina Leader-Post article (Jan. 10) O’Day was quoted as saying:

“With the way the season ended, I think that everyone has kind of taken on the conclusion that there’s no chance (of Fajardo returning), but we certainly haven’t eliminated any outcome.”

In a 3DN article (Jan. 11) he stated:

“We’ve had pretty limited conversations with Cody, to be honest with you. Talked to him a couple times in exit interviews. Craig’s actually reached out to him and talked to him over the phone. I believe our offensive coordinator that we just hired, Kelly Jeffrey, has also had some communication with him.
I expect that those talks will increase over the next few weeks so we can get an understanding of where he’s at and also where we’re at. He needs to know where we stand and also we need to know what his expectations are. Right after the season sometimes you say things when it’s still fresh and there’s always that time period where you really have to take a step back and have some time away and I think that time is going to do some good things for us.”

Call me naïve (I've been called worse) but the possibility of Fajardo staying in SK exists. Not sure why this particular writer thinks otherwise.

Agreed, wouldn't be the worst case scenario if Sprinkles stayed but an unimproved O Line would be!

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MFer or guy that goes by those initials,Marshall Ferguson ,has been bashing Fajardo for about a year,while promoting Dane Evans. Apparently out of denial,multiple reports state Als have come to terms with Fajardo. Have you not heard or is it just denial. Cody Fajardo a great QB with great 3 year Sask record