FA Most Wanted: A dual-threat quarterback

TORONTO — Only a few weeks remain until free agency and many players may hit the open market.

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The Mosoli experiment is definitely NOT over.

I could see BC, Montreal & Ottawa willing to pay large especially Ottawa.

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I hope the Lions pass on Masoli. Hot and cold.

I also think Masoli runs hot & cold but he can run hot for an extended period. I think the Argos may also be in the mix.

I wouldn't mind seeing him in BC, we need someone now even if Rourke proves he's ready to be the guy. That's a big maybe. Rourke has lots of promise but very, very little experience. If Masoli wants to compete for the job he's welcome to try but I wouldn't promise him the starters role, he'd have to earn it. Trevor Harris & Matt Nichols are getting a little long in the tooth for my liking, at least Masoli's a couple of years younger.

Reilly has been getting killed behind that OL & the run game was never established. They threw deep often but had no short game to speak of. Masoli would help there but with all the CAP space they have with Reilly's departure, they have to improve their OL & probably need an upgrade @ RB too. Without that it's going to be difficult for any QB back there. But, yeah, I'd take Masoli over Harris although I don't see Masoli coming over with no kind of guarantee he is getting a shot @ #1 or starter's money. Harris & Campbell have a connection, & Campbell was very upset when Harris was allowed to walk in Ottawa. As for Nichols, I'm not sure he's got a lot of options.

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Bring back Streveler? He's worked out for ...wait for it ...the New York ...Jets .../sad trombone

Well, after two seasons of not much NFL action but good paychecks of course, this is as low as it gets in the NFL and maybe Streveler can be the best of one of the worst teams in the NFL and count those dollar bills to the jeers of very angry New Yorkers come late November again.

Some might think I am exaggerating here. No, YOU watch the games for the Jets next season and see how you feel. I don't even watch those games, but we sure can hear the wails and groans from that lot every single year!


clearly when Masoli and Evans was supposed to be 1A and 1B, one of the two did not like that setup (as Hamilton absolutely did not do a 1A/1B setup).

only you can imagine which of the two pushed for a 1A and no 1B setup.

I don't expect Masoli to go anywhere that he cannot be a 1A with no 1B.

I think BC would be good. They really aren't expected to win anytime soon, which is the environment Masoli would best work under. His ability to handle pressure hasn't proven to be the strongest.

Ottawa would also be good.

I don't want to crap on the guy but for someone who's never landed a starters job yet I don't understand why his name keeps popping up. He seems to have some sort of cult following or something. Scary.

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Sort of like Michael Bishop. We used to have a poster here who practically worshipped the ground he walked on. You are right, hero worship to that extent is kind of scary.


I have never seen a more over rated qb in this league than Jehrimia Masoli.

Really? You must be a young fan.

Mike Kelly once thought Stefan LeFors qualified to be a starting quarterback. Teams traded for James Franklin and Jonathan Jennings thinking they'd be great starters (hint: they weren't). And Edmonton once traded Ricky Ray for. . . Steven Jyles.


It is kind of unbelievable that an NFL team was so desperate for “the next Taysom Hill” that they signed Streveler, who couldn’t hold a full time job in the CFL.

The Ravens took him to fill in for a practice squad QB they lost. When Lamar was hurt they brought in Josh Johnson to backup, they didn’t promote Streveler.

The Jets are looking for a special teamer.


I'm going to agree with you. How I wish he'd just come back, not sure where, but in the meantime in the off-season in the dead of winter here... :pensive:

Heavily unsubstantiated rumours are that he's grown that new beard in a quest to re-launch the grunge sound of 30 years ago as part of a new band he's putting together, and indeed they already have an odd following though it may be premature to call it a cult this soon but maybe they are getting there as you suggest? Don't stop believin' right?

On a live Twitch interview between hits and sessions, he's rumoured to have stated something like:

"Yeah man, there's gotta be more to life than quarterback and football you know, that Grey Cup was great alright, not big on clipboards and Microsoft Surface and local auto shop endorsements, I wanna deepen my connection with my inner vibe...grunge and rock 'n roll are overdue for a refresh and need a tawdry and unwashed edge because we're too soft these days, but I'm on the outside and lookin' in and it's rough and we'll see about the Jets now you know ..."

Decisions and priorities ... :thinking:


Remember all the hype about Johnny "Football" Manziel. (insert deflating gasbag sound here)


I've got no problem with his return at all, but he seems to be a career back-up. (always the bridesmaid, never the bride). ZZ Top lost Dusty Hill last year so keep that beard a going Chris, it just might land you a better job than the Jets.

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I will never forget I believe it was in late March 2019 as feels like more than 3 years ago, the last time I flipped the channel when I was still doing that out of old habit, to see what was the last-ever weekend of AAF action.

Manziel was apparently out injured and they flashed to behind the end zone in yet another almost empty venue, and there he grabbed a chair to sit down and eat some fresh, almost mediocre, loaded stadium nachos and watch the rest of the game.

Hence "Johnny Nacho" and his signature departure from the game for a guy who drew more hype after his last college game than most any player of even true merit would deserve. This is also why the likes of ESPN, who create all that undue hype, are great to see head down into the sewer system.

I'll never forget the few faithful fans who even stopped here to exclaim things like, "But it was great football and it's coming back! Just watch! After the pandemic!" Ah, alas, they've moved onto the XFL 4.0 and then the USFL 2.0 and then ... :roll_eyes:

But I must disappoint them now that they cannot have Manziel back, for it appears he's moved onto "Fan Controlled Football."


The TSN guys were also pretty guilty of upping the hype. They kept going on & on & on about Johnny Football. It's almost as if they were setting him up for a fall. They were doing the same last year about a quack named 'Duck'. Seems like they're all suckers for a good nickname, & worry about talent after the fact.

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Streveler made over a million bucks US (that's three billion in Canadian dollars) playing football on both sides of the border. He's smart enough to keep playing for whatever league pays him the most, even if it's a paltry hundred grand (I'LL TAKE IT!!!!) in Canadian Tire money. In a decade or so he'll be financially set for life and still in his thirty's. :smiley:


Well I have so many questions here about this fascinating Canadian institution and its currency.

  1. Has anybody ever robbed such an establishment for also their Canadian Tire money? Like a bank robbery? Is it a crime in Canada to do so, or is it considered only a civil offence?

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  3. Is there counterfeit Canadian Tire money out there too, and does it work?

Of course should I happen to have any such fortunes, I would share such Canadian Tire wealth with our members in good standing on the forum.

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