FA Deadline Coverage (or lack of)

I understand that the NHL is the biggest ticket in Canada and believe me I love the game of hockey, but the difference between the coverage of the CFL Free Agency Deadline that is happening today and the NHL Trade Deadline that happens in two weeks is downright rediculous.

Quite frankly I'm tired about the constant coverage on the big two networks about the NHL Trade Deadline. Guys there really is next to nothing to report, so move on. Meanwhile there are a ton of questions on who will end up where in the CFL, and it's barely even covered.

I don't expect a rediculous full day of coverage like the NHL, but a half hour or an hour here or there to discuss some of the offseason CFL gossip, and to go over the changes that happened would be nice, and I'm sure there is some demand for it. I'm sure there will be a 2 minute segment on one of the News shows with a breif mention of some of the signings. Oh, and you can always catch any transactions on the ticker.

Not sure who is doing the programming at these networks, but I sure would like to have a word or two with them about this.

What kind of coverage does everyone think is appropriate for the CFL FA deadline?

Let me know.


Be pro-active. There is a lot of CFL coverage on Twitter. Also, the two sports networks have videos on their websites, there's this site, www.cfl.ca etc. Sitting in front of the tv waiting for something interesting is so last century.

Excerpts from the CFL .ca article

I like this one.

The prevailing sentiment throughout the CFL seems to be

the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have emerged as a favourite to sign Fantuz.

And this paraphrased excerpt.

'Hamilton is not only able to offer Fantuz a solid payday but

the chance to play closer to his hometown of Chatham, Ont.,

and in an offence designed by a proven CFL coordinator

  • new Hamilton head coach George Cortez

  • and directed by newly acquired Henry Burris.'

And this paraphrased excerpt feels good but
it isn't backed up with any compelling reasons.

' O'Billovich is in the market for a pass-rushing defensive end.

That won't be easy but Greg Peach, who could be the odd man out in Edmonton

with Rashd Jeanty's return, might be a nice fit in Steeltown.'


P.S. Patrick Kabonga anyone?

I think Pat spells his last name Kabongo but thats beside the point.

:thup: Thats a Chinook salmon I wouldn't mind adding to our O-Lineup! :thup: