FA Canadian Receivers

Johnny Forzanni
Anthony Parker

Matt Carter

Aaron Hrgreaves

Mike Bradwell

Jade Etienne
Akeem Foster

Rory Kohlert

Quincy Hurst

Heard on the local sports radio show in Calgary this week that Johnny Forzani is still in recovery mode. He may not know if he can even play this year until training camp comes around.

Anthony Parker is almost assuredly testing the FA market as he probably wants a better shot at starting somewhere this season.

First anyone let me know if there are any of these guys who will not be available this season due to injury.

Now looking at this crew there are really no potential all stars for this seaason but almost every team has a need to at least fill a 3rd receiver spot provided that they are aleady starting 2 Canadian Receiver in the 5 wide sets.

BC has made a trade for Kito Poblah for Banks. With Shawn Gore even being a potetial #1 receiver is a 1’000 yard receiving threat. Ianuzzi really adapted quicly to the pros as a #5 reciever. BC Traded Akeem Foster and the more Paris Jackson had to play the more it is time he is replaced. BC looks like its banking on Poblah to be better with a much better QB and could star ove Ianuzzi but one will have to be packaged when the Import RB of the tandem is in.
Still have a rookie from Laval last season probably still not ready yet.

has no Canadian receiver really with Kholert being a free agent so they will definetely need to sign a few of these guys for sure.
If Healthy Glenn Would be happy to see Forzanni a speedy Wide out. Also I like Mike Bradwell. Not sure which way Toronto will go here. They have been running gudino - feolio at Bradwell but he is now gone. Durie is there 2nd best receiver and Spencer Watt really broke out.
Bradwell made a great #3 guy who could play any of the receiver positions, a good blocking receiver, as well as special teamer…
He could get his chance to start in Ottawa.
Ottawa also draftin two TE in the expansion and one Junior redshirt from 2013. So I imagine they will be going with a four wide and TE as their main set.
Which could leave Quincy Hurst the position he sought to get on the roster with Toronto of a special teams player, Gunner on punt coverage. Having him aminimal contract in there sets he could be great special teamer with speed and also a possile returner.

Riders are in need of another Canadian receiver for sure even if Sisco can emerge this season one injury to Bagg puts them in a bind. Jade Etienne a SASK boy has been gone from being underachieving to Breakout in 2013 only to find the bent again in favor of Kholert. So as a 3rd receiver behind Bagg and Getz he could be a fit. Also same as Poblah hard to gauge them with6 starting QBs for the Bombers in their tenure their.

Hamilton got the Air force kid from Calgary. So they still may be looking for a more experinced years of pro training, For a 42 roster he and Fantuz and Giguere probably make a great trio as the kid coming out of the Air force academy probably would be a great special teamer while learning the receiver spot.

Montreal I have no idea they may be happy with what they have in Stall and Deslaures to go with some younger guys. Will they get anything out of Ismael Bamba.

I think is set as is with what they have drafted and aquired over the last two seasons and signed the FA receiver they wanted in Jabari Author

may want Kohlert back but suddenly he has become a hott comodity not only will Ottawa go the extra mile to get him to sign but also a starting spot may be awaiting for him in his home province of Green. Akeem Foster for Buck Pierce may turn out great for both the Bombers and Foster. Foster the big strong one of the bunch 6’4" and starting expereince already in BC. Watson, Foster, Sims Walker will be a tough threesome to resle the ball from.

Toronto will probably want to sign Bradwell as he still fits great in with Durie and Watt as the utility number 3. They seemto keep looking for someone better but…

has thier two starter in Chambers and Coehern. Now whether they tink Matt Carter would be a good 3rd on the 42 or will Jones look to steal another Argo or just look to switch it up with signing Etienne or Parker similar Higer round draft picks and time to breakout.

Ottawa is pretty much wide open and Calgary with Forzanni maybe out for the season but also out from Calgary.
Parker as was mentioned is looking to break out in a starting role and Glenn will be an excelent help with the front office and coaching staff whether he has the right stuff.

BCs trade to acquire Kito Poblah will probably not seek any of the current FAs
Gore and Ianuzzi proven. Gore 1,000 yard potential Ianuzzi a 4th or 5th starting receiver rle as well as special teamer makes hm very valuable. Poblah and Haidara should round out their Canadian receiveng core. not sure Haidara is ready yet and Poblah starting expereince.
Haidara has earned his way through special teams which gives him a plus. Poblah has not been much on Special teams for Winnipeg at least not coverage team wise. He will need to improve that and with a lot less spot light on him in BC then in Winnipeg wil help as well

This really puts Forzanni in a bad position. Charbaneau-Campeau and Sinopoli tall athletic receivers seem to now be in the Immedite plans with Calgary, Jabari Arthur seems to have sealed his starting spot. Morin Plante is the project receiver right now. So that could be thier four main Canadian receivers.

You Mention Parker wants out and still has the great upside entering his third season Ottawa and Glenn as I mentioned might open it up for him to get his shot.
Also Glenn played plenty of games in 2012 with Forzanni as his starting WR. Forzanni coming off a 700 yard season had a 500 yard season in 2012 before getting hurt. Could be a gamble that Glenn may be able to talk management into signing and supervising his rehab for the first 9 games and see where he could be the second half of the season. Remembering Foraznni is a deep speedy threat who can stretch the field with tow years as a quality starter under his belt.
I know he had a connection with the old primary owneship group but with the Flames owning the Stamps that changes. But Forzanni proved on his own that he can be a top receiver for a CFL franchise

Most have already signed.
Out of the receivers left Forzani would be the only potencial starter when he is healthy.
Forzanni played with Calgary with Burris and the Ottawa staff is made up of former stamps coaches.
in 2011 he did have over 700 yards receiving and over 500 in 2012 so he has proven he can play and start.
His 2011 stats where mostly from Burris before he was benched so their was chemistry.
Depending on how serious his injury is. If it is career ending than not a good idea to sign.
But if he just needs to rest it more signing him and placing him on the 9 game to start the season may not be a bad idea. The Ottawa staff will know which one to do as they know detail about his injury