FA 2013 (Stamps)

I know we have been quiet so far this FA, but Huffs has said many times, he doesn't feel FA is where you go to "build" a team. I agree with him, we showed last year (as a result of SOOOO many injuries) that we already have great depth at most positions. I really like the position the Stamps have taken so far this off season!

keep up the good work Huffer!


+1 :thup:

...agreed, some think that if your team is making big splashes in the FA pool that equates to awesomeness, reality says your team had holes to patch...the stamp are in good shape

every year Hamilton tries make a "big splash" during this time and it hasn't helped them in many years. I really respect how huff operates. I would rather watch players that have been with the team a long time and worked there way into a starting position than a flash in the pan free agent. Casey printers comes to mind. side note- best part of the flames buying the stamps for the huff- looks like he has season tickets to the flames now as well as Dave D. Laugh