F.Y.I. on NFL workouts on the 40 yrd dash.

E. Jackson vs T Sinkfield

NFL Times for 40 yrd dash:

E. Jackson = 4.5

Speedy Banks = 4.43

Chevon Walker = 4.25

C. Williams = 4.24

T. Sinkfield = 4.19 (Blazing)

Did you guys know these stat's??

I think I prefer Sinkfield over Jackson. :thup: :thup:

OH.....Add to this list: Brian Tyms = 4.48

                      and         Alex Green  =  4.45

Tony Mandarich = 4.69s

Grover = DNF :wink:

[i]A stopwatch does not make a receiver.

Ted Ginn JR 4.28

Jerry Rice 4.59

You can have Ginn, Johnny will take Rice! :rockin: [/i]

A stopwatch does not make a receiver.

Ted Ginn JR 4.28

Jerry Rice 4.59

You can have Ginn, Johnny will take Rice!

Yes I agree........But who much better would Rice be if he could do 4.19.
I'm just saying: Sinkfield can catch,may be not as good as Fantuz. But he doesn't have too, there will be noone
around to get in his way when he gets open.

How fast was Garney? :rockin:

Did a little searching and can't find a 40-time for Garney. In Huron College records, his 100-yd. dash time is listed as 10 sec. I also read he ran a 9.7 in one heat. I believe the world record is 9.58.

You're right, 9.58 is the world record.

9.7 would be the 6th fastest 100 m ever recorded (behind 3 Usain Bolt runs, Tyson Gay and Yohan Blake) so I'm going to go out on a limb and say he never did that :lol:

Garney was one of those effortless runners where it looked like his feet never even touched the ground.

Actually maybe they didn't touch the ground!( Is he wearing sneakers???)

I think Garney was playing on the frozen tundra. Didn't they used to call them broom ball shoes? I don't recall ever seeing Henley being caught from behind. His only big miss on a tackle was probably the 64 Grey Cup when Willie Fleming deaked him near the Cat goal line.

I believe that Garney and Hal Patterson were the best all round players that the Cats have ever had. Earl the Pearl Winfield would be a close second, in my humble opinion. :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

8) That picture of Garney wearing the sneakers (or as PatLynch) said, broom ball shoes, was probably from the 1967
  Grey Cup game in Ottawa, where the turf was frozen solid.  Players on both teams tried many different shoes on before
   the game, before deciding on which pair felt best on the frozen turf.

    I was at that game, and I will never forget it.  TiCats completely demolished Ron Lancaster and his Riders, to win the 
    Grey Cup.
     Without a doubt, 1967  TiCat defence, not only the best ever TiCat defence,  but also the best defence ever in the CFL.

There's a BIG difference between 100 YARDS and 100 METERS. Not only is the distance 10% longer (so add 10% to the time), but sprinters have mostly reached their top velocity; or are actually decelerating, by the time they cross the finish line - so add on another 5-10% for that. With the sprinters running out of their anaerobic capacity at the end of the race, you can add a little more time sue to fatigue. There is also the advent of precision timing in more recent years, so there is no uncertainty due to a person using a mechanical stopwatch...

Thanks Sheldon :wink:

Garney was a freek of Nature, We will never see another player like him who could play defence as good as offence
never. I would pay a $1000 a season ticket to watch a player with his ability.

Garney did a lot in the community. I know personally because he came to my house when I was home bound with an injury. Needless to say it left an impression. More Gentleman than Tiger. :thup:

Tipper is right on the money! :thup: :thup: :thup: The Cat offence lost a great receiver after the 67 season, with the death of Ted Watkins. He was tragically taken from us," way to soon". I believe he scored a long touchdown on a seam route in that game.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Not to take anything away from Ted Watkins but the only tragic thing about his death was the fact that he had felt the need to have to rob a Liquor store with his brother where he was shot 4 times and killed by the store clerk. Apparently at the time of the robbery it was reported that Watkins only had 2 cents and a cheque for five dollars in his pockets. He did die "way to soon" at only 27 yrs of age but unfortunately he was breaking the law at the time which ultimately led to his own fate and early demise.

Here is the Newspaper story about the robbery and the shooting of Watkins : Black Power Chief Killed in Holdup

[url=http://fultonhistory.com/Newspapers%20Disk3/Watertown%20Times/Watertown%20NY%20Daily%20Times%201968%20June%20Grayscale.pdf/Watertown%20NY%20Daily%20Times%201968%20June%20Grayscale%20-%200035.pdf]http://fultonhistory.com/Newspapers%20D ... 200035.pdf[/url]

Sorry if I sounded too preachy for you, but I was simply trying to point out the differences between a 100-yd dash with inaccurate timing; and a 100-meter dash timed electronically.

Of course, I understand your "wink" emoticon could be denoting as sarcasm, as this site doesn't have a "sarcasm" emoji... lol

Hey DCF; just givin' you a little grief. Posts like yours are why I (we) come here, it was authentic and informative... so thanks. It is more than I could ever offer. Just couldn't help it. :stuck_out_tongue: