F.A. and CFL Expansion to Halifax

Forgive me if this has been discussed before and I missed reading it but while reading about Masoli and F.A. I was really wishing that Halifax had its stuff together and we could see the Schooners sooner than later. Then while daydreaming, maybe Kevin Glenn should un-retire and become a QB in Halifax. Yup, its a slow day!

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Yes! The Sooner the Schooners! CFL should be a 10 team league. 5 East 5 West.
There is plenty of talent in Canada & USA to easily have a competitive team
right from the start.

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Change the name from Schooners to "Armadas" for alliteration purposes. Besides the schooners name just brings bad luck to the Atlantic franchise

I'm afraid the name Schooners is set. Hard to change it now. Plus the W - L
record for a new team means we all might want a few "Schooners" of our
favorite brew too watch them!

Pilsner and Schooner, sounds like a tailgate party to me.

That name has been with the supposed Halifax since '84. It has to be modernized. A brewery can produce an "Armada" beer to replace the Schooner lager. You won't notice the difference, Beer is beer


No need to shout. Unlock the Caps Lock key, please

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Kevin would be 65 by the time Halifax is ready. Still. Give Kevin a break he deserves much better. Here Joe Cap is still active. Hes still got go.

Yes it "should" be a 10 team league and yes plenty of talent to fill a team.
You have to read the other thread about the Halifax stadium first. There is ZERO chance that a CFL stadium gets funded by the HRM and/or the province, especially after the huge deficits and debt from the pandemic, the province and the city will be paying back debt for many years.
The only way that a stadium gets financed is, if the Schooners can get private financing, they need more rich investors.

Irving Oil and McCain Foods? Too bad Ron Joyce and David Braley aren’t around to start the pot, or twist some arms. Nova Scotia needs to elect a native son as leader of a federal party, preferably as PM.:wink:

So let's put this thread to bed and please no more talk of the Atlantic Schooners - it's dead.

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Very well said. Thanks!!!!

Hopefully it will at least finally put an end to the Schooners name, and the next time the CFL looks at expansion in Halifax, that they actually find well financed potential Owners.

Keep the Atlantic bid alive by moving the expansion to Moncton New Brunswick instead. We going to hear nothing but excuses from Halifax on why they won't build a stadium

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And why may I ask do you think Moncton has a better shot at not only building a stadium, but also getting an expansion team ?

I don't hear any excuses from Moncton not wanting to have a CFL team and Stadium. CFL fans in Moncton gave expressed a desire for a team, more so than Halifax.

Why not Moncton? Give Moncton a chance to see what they can come up with. Maybe they can go the Community based team ownership or entice SSE to move it's bid to Moncton

If Moncton can approve a conditional 20 million for upgrading the stadium that can entice SSE to look there and work with the province.

Otherwise despite the gloom, it's still advantage Halifax once Covid is over.

Halifax had the opportunity to get a team going since 1984. They need to get serious with their intentions or not at all. Time for another destination like Moncton, Quebec City or Monterey, Mexico

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