Ezra Landry

Watching Montreal game last night and got to thinking what happened to Ezra Landry. I know he blew a knee last year but I hadn’t thought about him until last night. He doesn’t show up on any of Mtl’s roster lists.Anybody know?

My understanding, and I might be wrong, is that he had an injury which more or less coincided with the New Orleans flood and he ended up deciding to stay down there as family of his was pretty bad off with the flooding situation and being homeless and that. Something like this anyways.

Earl: I recall something along that line, hope everything is well with him. I hadn't seen Mtl on tv this season and just realized last night that something was missing on special teams. Thanks

he had a serious knee injury, in which kept him out of the lineup last year

drafted in the "NFL Europe" FA draft back in Febuary.

NFL Europe folded last month.
So I assume a free agent? because montreal released him in January.

Link- NFL Europe free agent draft. 3rd last player selected.


I enjoyed watching Landry. Sort of like a Gizmo Williams but not quite as good. And the hair was great too.

Don Matthews knew how to spot talent. No one else would give a guy that small a shot.

An Argo-Cat fan


I have also been wondering where Ezra has been.

With all of our kick return woes I don't think that would be a bad signing for these 1-6 Cats if hes still willing to play football.

42 yards on 7 returns for Holmes on Saturday nights loss?

In the words of the late great Owen Hart:

"Enough is enough and its time for a change!!!"

Free Agent.
Became a FA when NFL Europe Folded. Montreal does not own his rights anymore. They released him in January.

well if that is indeed the case. Trade Corey Holmes for Boerigter and sign landry. Both clubs our happy, all players are happy. Its not like our PR can get any worse.

IF Ezra wants to come back to play football in the CFL theres a pretty good connection in Hamilton. Marcel was in the assistant GM in Montreal when Ezra played there.

Interesting (possibly) trivia - who were the smallest (shortest and/or lightest) Ticats EVER?

prolly in an nfl camp by the team he was allocated by in nfle