"Eyebrow-raising rule changes"???

I think keep the convert, but make it a 20-25 yard kick. If a team wants to go for two points after a major, line it up at the 5 yard line.

I hope all this is not an over correction. One sluggish offensive season shouldn't set the tone after 50+ years of CFL football. Would be bad to have some new crazy rules that make the game look silly.

Ten yards on punts will make the game look like sandlot football... If they do such a stupid thing, they better make a minimum kick distance as well.... Kick the ball 25 yards and get an automatic 15 yard penalty... 40 yard net... This is just stupid!!

I actually got things backwards... Lol
.. If they bring this ten yard rule in You can say goodbye to Canadian punters.. You are going to need real kickers that can kick the ball 50 yards every time.

Well put. It would be a major blunder on the league's part to institute some crazy, gimmicky rule that favours offense - just because scoring was down last year.

If it's something to speed the games up a bit, I could live with that. Otherwise, leave things alone.

I don't think so, I really think it would make teams try more on 3rd and 2 or a short 3 but anyways, even if they made a 10 yard halo, I don't think it would automatically mean a crazy amount of long returns, teams would adjust and use a more zone type of downfield approach to tackling, like a semi-circle thing. But no question, the average yards on the return would be greater which wouldn't be a bad thing and shorter higher kicks, again not a bad thing because the receiving team starts further up the field. Anyways, we'll see.

But remember, the new commish has some basketball background, reading at 5'8" he could dunk a basketball! I'm sure he's right into seeing more offense in the CFL and that is a good thing since the CFL brand has usually been about higher scoring games and last year simply can't be repeated according to most of the posters on this board. We are going to see some rule changes/interpretations that are geared towards more points being scored. Traditionalists might not like it but these are not traditional times in the ever competitive spectator sports market.

orridge will be a puppet just like Cohon was... Bradley hate even the Pinball, so I'm sure he will make Orridge's life miserable... A big part of the Argos floundering is the complete disengagement by the Pin ball.. I would love to know what he thinks about Braley?

Braley is writing Pinner's cheques so I don't think you'd hear Pinner say publicly that he has a problem with Braley in any way, shape or form. What the actual truth is, yup, anyones guess.

prove it or STFU forever.

I think if you can get the ball through the uprights on a kickoff, you should get points...

Well we miles well start giving points for missed field goals as well...

There was an article in The Economist and if you take the 3rd letter of every seven letter word; then change every 4th of those letters by bumping it up; then write them all on little wooden tiles put them side-to-side letters down and the message is obvious.

I wonder who the heck Bradley is anyhow :slight_smile:

I wonder if this article is right about the rule changes.

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2015/03/19/cfl-toying-with-rule-changes-to-increase-scoring]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2015/03/19/c ... se-scoring[/url]
[b]CFL toying with rule changes to increase scoring [/b]

Several sources have told QMI Agency in recent weeks the CFL is toying with a handful of new rules, most of which would lead to more points being put on the board. Most of the proposals, which the competition committee will discuss and vote on next week in Toronto before the CFL combine, involve special teams

Even if new rules are passed next week, the CFL’s board of governors would still have to approve them in April or May. That has some coaches worried that so many big changes would be happening too close to the start of the season.

There’s no arguing that many games last season were an offensive bore, with total points per game going from 52.4 to 45.5 and offensive points dropping from 48.7 to 37.7 from the year before. There have been several theories as to why this happened, from a rash of quarterback injuries to Canadian talent being spread too thin due to the addition of the expansion Ottawa RedBlacks.

It appears the CFL isn’t going to wait to see if last season was an anomaly, because there are some significant rule changes being bandied about.

The most intriguing one appears to involve the punting facet of the game. There has been endless debate about the five-yard halo that surrounds returners and leads to a glut of no-yards penalties, and there apparently was talk this off-season about getting rid of it. Instead, a proposal expected to be discussed next week will call for the punt team to remain behind the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked. That would give the accepting team a little more time to set up a return.

It also looks like the league will try to entice its teams to go for a two-point convert more often than not. The competition committee will discuss moving the point after attempt back, possibly as far as the 25-yard line, which would make it a 32-yard attempt. Meanwhile, the two-point convert line of scrimmage would be moved up two yards to the three-yard line.

Another source said the league is looking at instituting a 30-second play clock that will begin as soon as the ball is spotted on the line of scrimmage instead of when the referee signals for it to start. That would likely make the CFL game a little more speedy than it already is. Good news for offences. Bad news for defences.

Yes, this ratio change would probably require approval from the CFLPA, but the number of Nationals starting wouldn't change. No offence to National players but starting 3 Canadians on defence would result in most teams adding 2 imports on offence...which should give the offences and scoring a boost. The defences are just too good these days and are stifling our 3-down offences, especially B.C., Calgary and other teams who start 11 Americans on defence...Shutdown U.

Starting 3 Nationals on defence would also tend to improve the quality of Canadian players drafted. Now the 9th or 10th best OL are drafted every year, while the 5th or 6th best DL or LB gets overlooked because teams want to load up their OL with Canadians. I'm sure there are many undrafted DL, LB and DB's who are better athletes and football players than the 10th best OL who gets signed, for example.

The convert proposal is too gimmicky for my liking.

The punt rule I might take to if it is clearly defined and doesn't mess with onside punts from scrimmage. Would a no player down field on a punt rule draw flags on a quick kick or pass and kick?

The new play clock I would be in absolute support of. I would go a step further and make it 30 seconds from the conclusion of the previous play to really turn up the pace.

I like the idea of keeping the cover team on-side until the ball is kicked. This is a simple solution to giving punt returners more room...plus cutting down on the frequent "No-Yards" penalties. I also like the 30-second play clock, it's a little phony that the 20-second clock doesn't start until the ball is set. In reality most plays take 30 to 40 seconds to get underway. Allowing only 30 seconds should speed up the game.

I don't particularly like the 2-point convert idea of moving the ball up to the 3-yd line. They should keep the line of scrimmage at the 5-yd line, but perhaps move the 1-pt convert to the 32-yd line and position the kick at the angle where the player crossed the goal line to score the TD (like in rugby and old-time CFL) with the maximum angle being the hashmarks.

A downside to this proposal is that it could end up eliminating the Canadian receiver. With teams only needing to play four nationals on offence, and no incentive to play more, they might decide that it would be more efficient to play them all on the line. Dress five or six relatively inexpensive national o-linemen and the rest of the offence can be internationals, eliminating the need for the higher priced national "skills" players.

Say goodbye to the fake punt. And while the quick kick fell out of favour years ago, this would officially eliminate them.

That's ok, I like the idea of keeping everone onside until the punt is kicked. Interesting there was talk of getting rid of the 5 yard halo. I like the 30 seconds as well but it could make it a bit more difficult to qb's to be able to read defenses and therefore make pass plays a bit more difficult, the opposite of what they want really. But I suppose the defenses won't have quite as much time either. I don't know. :?

yeah, lets keep making lots of changes so that pretty soon we can be the cardassian football league.