"Eyebrow-raising rule changes"???

From the Toronto Star:
Several CFL sources indicated four or five rule changes have been passed and may be revealed next week, with the promise that some could be “eyebrow-raising."

Uh oh, one off season and this. Any (serious) guesses?

I am guessing that no contact will be allowed by defenders on receivers after the receiver has gone five yards beyond the line of scrimmage.

That's already a rule called illegal contact on a receiver. Press coverage is only allowed within 1 yard of the LOS.

I'll give a crack at 5 things it's NOT:

  1. video reviews must be completed in under 90 seconds (the time allowed for a team time out)
  2. the definition of a pass attempt is changed to when the ball leaves the hand after a throwing motion
  3. "possession" of a completed pass is the same as on the sideline, one foot on the turf, one hand controlling the ball (meaning more fumbles instead of "incomplete passes"
  4. Running backs will be flagged for facemasking or contacting the head, if during a straight are juke they use the defender's head to guide the body
  5. Rouge's have been eliminated or altered in anyway at all.

My guess at the top of the list will be no convert and all 2 point attempts after a TD.

no, they won’t change that. and they won’t eliminate rouges.

so forget that.

I could see that and I think it would be a good change. Or move the convert back 10 yards.

I'm good to go with that change. :thup: And definitely this year they will call anything on a defender even mimicking impeding a receiver after 5 yards, again which is good.

I think the restraint amount on punts will be 10 yards as well. That would be a biggy.

I'm OK with just moving the PAT back to 10 yards. Even 15 will be fine.

Please no mandatory 2 point attempts. There's a strategy weather to go for 1 or 2. Don't want that lost. Otherwise, it looks too much like the XFL.

If anything.. They need to decrease the amount of room givin on punts.. Like if a guy is back pedalling and is 4 yards away... let it slide.. 10 yards just invites amaturism to the game where teams will purposely kick low squiblers that go 30 yards just to try to catch people... It will make punting a joke.

I dont know how many 2 point converts will be attempted from the 15 yard line.. getting rid of the single point is long over due..On a side note.. The only reason the NFL did not get rid of kickoffs altogether is because of the possibility of a short kickoff late in a game.. This to is true with moving the convert back further. It does not happen because then you almost eliminate the possiblity of a two point convert

You have a point Bungle but then it might make more teams try for a 1st down on 3rd and 2 more often which I'd like to see.

I doubt a 9 point TD will be in the offing as the Colts are proposing in the NFL...

[u]The Colts want to introduce 9-point touchdowns to the NFL[/u]

Will NFL teams be able to score 9-point touchdowns next season? If the Indianapolis Colts have their way, it will be possible.

  • The Colts proposed adding an additional field goal option — but only if the scoring team makes a two-point conversion first.
    Whether or not the rule will be a reality will become clear next week, when the NFL competition committee proposes the rule changes at owners meetings.
[url=http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/03/the-colts-want-to-introduce-9-point-touchdowns-to-the-nfl]http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/03/the-col ... to-the-nfl[/url]

sounds ludicrous although late game heroics could make for thrilling finishes.

Or the one i would like... The offensive team can not down the ball (take a knee) if there is less than a converted touchdown (8 points) in difference of score. Put the ball in play and let the defence try to cause a turnover...ain't that part of the game! :cowboy:

This is stupid. TDs are 6pts, you don't start increasing scoring.

actually, its not about the td points, its about the after td points.

Call me crazy, but if the NFL wants to increase scoring and have more exciting endings to games, what they really need to do is shorten the play clock and take away a down.... I know... It's a ludicrous, idea... But maybe somewhere in the world rules like that work.

Force teams to advance the ball? XFL anyone? No?

A simple rule change which would increase offensive production and scoring, would be to require that a minimum of 3 Nationals need to start on defence. How many CFL teams have better O-lines than D-lines? Most teams employ mainly Canadians on OL and mainly Americans on DL. If that was more balanced, the offences would improve while the defences less dominating. This rule change would be easy to implement and requires only that teams sign more American OL and more Canadian DL, LB and DB’s.

I don’t believe defenders are allowed to touch a receiver until he touches the ball or a pass/run is completed to another player. That shouldn’t change. A certain amount of “hand-fighting” is often let go…or a penalty could be called on every play. I like the current CFL pass coverage rules much better than the NFL.

I’d support going for 2-point converts only (like is done currently in overtime). 1-point converts right in front of the goal posts is ridiculous. Some years nearly every kicker is 100% on converts. That’s too easy and a total waste of time.

Hmm, almost sounds like a type of rouge come to think of it, well single-point of course.

I wouldn't be against such a change as you have proposed above. I am not sure if they would have to get the CFLPA's approval on this one or not given that it involves the ratio in some way.

My suspicion is that these "eyebrow-raising" rule changes will have much more to do with increasing scoring and bringing offensive excitement back into the game than anything else.

I would rather change a diaper than make that change