Eye In The Sky

Can someone point me in the direction of what specifically the command centre can just arbitrarily come down and call/review/change?

Not being a bitter losing fan but on the RTK call at the end of the game I would have thought that Montreal would have to challenge that play. (They did get the call right)

We’ve heard comments about “the eye in the sky can change offside/procedure etc” but there also seems to be obvious mistakes that they don’t change that would save a coach a challenge.

Is it ANY major foul? Facemask? Roughness, etc.

Ive looked online and haven’t found it - to me it seems they pick and choose what they want to call. I’m sure there’s parameters but I have yet to find them.

Rule 10, Section 3, Articles 1 & 2 . On it’s own the command centre can review any reviewable play including non-called roughing the kicker in the last 3 minutes.

Any reviewable play. Wow. Completely missed that.

Thanks for pointing out.

I wonder how consistent they will be with this.

Unbiased observer.

HATED that roughing the kicker call (rule?).

Frey was 100% going for the block and got it. His hand clearly hit the football first before any contact. When Frey landed, he made contact with Bede but it could not be avoided (the two collided as will happen when someone is diving for the ball). No malicious intent whatsoever.

I know they amended the rule but c’mon, that is lame and robbed viewers of an exciting ending.

Regardless of malicious intent, punters are vulnerable and until they get reset cannot protect themselves … on the there hand, in the particular case many Montreal fans would applaud Bede being injured.

This new rule has taken the blocked kick right out of the game. I believe it has been called in several games so far this year.

I think it has or will stop any team from trying to block a kick as in the majority of cases the kicker gets touched. Not sure of the percentage of blocked kicks that the kicker has been touched in the past but I believe it would be very high.

In this case Bede came up limping to get officials to recognize itand then ran off the field without a limp at all.

This is one rule change I do not like and feel it should be reviewed again. We have lost a part of the game.

More likely means the block attempt has to come from an angle that carries the “blocker” past the kicker, whether or not he blocks/tips the kick.

Sounds like it’s time for a “Flop” rule, like in the NBA. :wink:

Thy actually did put in a rule this season for any CFL soccer style divas.

· A 10-yard objectionable conduct penalty will be assessed for faking or embellishing contact, otherwise known as diving.

That’s awesome! I didn’t know that. Thanks, IdealSheldon!

I doubt they’ll ever call that. They’ll likely always give the flopper the benefit of the doubt.

I suspect the roughing-the-kicker rule change will be repealed in a couple of years, as teams will never attempt a block. The risk so far outweighs the reward, that it just isn’t worth it.

I never thought kickers were getting injured to the point that this was a problem. They add rules to protect the QBs and half the league is on their 2nd string now. Now they’ve added a rule to protect the kicker? It really didn’t seem necessary.

I can’t remember BC’s kicker last year, but he was flopping around most of the season.

I think it caught with him after a flag was thrown for roughing the kicker after he went down like a truck hit him. Replays showed he was never touched.

After he embarrassed the refs like that, short of being flat out levelled, he never got a call. As I recall.

Just so I understand…are people implying that Bede “Flopped” ?

He embellished an injury that didn’t exist.

But it was still a penalty.

Because one sore loser said so?

He just had his knee and ankle rolled on…limping for a few seconds to walk it off is hardly proof of embellishment

After reading that comment…I went back to watch…He never limped and the camera never showed him running off the field.

But it is nice to know that some fans literally feel the player’s pain

We are indeed trying (it’s our Canadian way these days, I suppose) to remove the danger from the game. The kicker is still a football player. The concept doesn’t make sense to me that a punter/field goal kicker cannot be contacted while doing his job, yet a pass receiver on a crossing route can be vaporized while looking the ball into his hands or a D back can get run over by a lineman when coming up to stop a sweep. You won’t see them changing the rule in the States when a punt returner messes up the fair catch signal. All that being said, obviously contact must be with the ball first or it’s RTK.

At the Redblacks/Winnipeg game the other night, the reviews were frequent and sometimes took a long time. Pain in the butt for us fans and also took away momentum imv. League needs to do whatever is necessary to make the delays a little shorter. They were almost as long as TV time outs.

Until a punter gets both feet on the ground he is totally vulnerable … if a receiver is “vaporized” when defenceless there are rules to penalize that … and suspension is also a possibility … if an OL “freight trains” a DB from a blind side they are similarly exposed to be penalized and/or suspended.

Very vivid description.

I’m picturing the poor receiver’s empty uniform left on the field, Obi-Wan Kenobi style, with officials poking at it wondering what became of the guy.

(Answer: he shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.)

A very intriguing statement re the QBs. As has been mentioned elsewhere, it doesn’t seem that the “No Pads Practices” have done very much to cut down on injuries, and in fact may be contributing to a rise.

Anyone seen any statistics on injuries year over year?

What’s contributed to injuries (and injury management) is the concussion protocol. I would rather see a player forced to sit out after even a minor concussion (is there such a thing as a minor concussion?) if it prolongs the player’s career and helps protect him from lifelong brain injury.

I can kind of relate to this, so I feel for these guys. I once had a concussion, though I didn’t recognize it as such at the time, and I’ve always wondered how it changed me. I remember going through an awful depression in my twenties, which eventually went away, thankfully, and I wonder how much getting my bell wrung contributed to that, and how it possibly contributed to who I am today.

Anyway, I support protecting the kickers. They shouldn’t have to take hits to the legs, and this new rule appears to put a stop to the dangling leg that some kickers employed to try and draw a penalty (at great risk to themselves).