Extremely disappointed with our post-bye-week effort

Toronto loses and opens the door for us to tie them going into Labour Day. We have TWO WEEKS to prepare an adequate offensive/defensive gameplan for Montreal.

Maas can't find an open receiver all game long. (Why do they continue starting guys like Curry and McCants after they go a whole game without getting thrown to regularly? i.e. these guys AREN'T GETTING OPEN!!!!!!!!!) Plus, we have Lumsden and Dickerson, two good receivers out of the backfield, and the offensive gameplan ignores them!!!!!!!!! By the way, the architect of this offence and the guy who calls all the plays is TAAFE.

Meanwhile, for our biggest game of the year, for some unknown reason, we start TWO NEW GUYS on D, and keep shifting guys around. These new guys don't have any idea who they are playing alongside, and there is obviously no communication between them. As a result, Calvillo is playng pitch and catch all night long with Watkins and company, and the Als are basically laughing at us.

I was looking forward to the Montreal game all week, and our team totally let the fans down. Unprofessional effort all around, with the exception of the performances of Setta, Cody, Moreno, Armour, McKay, Armstead, French and Ralph.

When Bishop returns, we will lose by 50 on Labour Day.

This is a good example of why the Bye week has to go.

With a short pre season there is no way a team can perform well after a week off and then three practices....?

Can the Bye week .