extreme Make-over : Ti-cats

I will be the first to admit, my favourate team in the East, before the Bombers moved there were the Tabies. I have always liked watching games at Ivory. I also like going to the Labour day games in Regina.

I just don't get it how Everyone thinks that the Tabies have improved. They finished dead last in the CFL last year. They finished 1-17 in 03. Made a run in 04.

However, like the Bombers last year, the tabies were out coached, by most teams. Their Defence was not very good, not the worst, but not good enough to win games.

I don't think the Tabies have did enough on the Defence side to improve a hell of alot this season.
I think they have added tallent to the offence, for sure, but with the same coach, and game plan.( easy for teams to read)
I really hope that Winnipeg and Hamilton do well this season,1&2 spot, I don't care the order.
I still say that Winnipeg is the most improved, and it should make for a damn good battle in the East. I can't wait.

I will make one prediction.... Atleast one of my teams will end the season with a better record, and maybe even a Grey Cup... :wink:

See how both teams finished 5-13 and a team that no longer exists finished better than both of them. You are not going out on a limb with that prediction!
(better record)

er.... I think that was why I was Winking...

I thought the wink was in regards to the Grey Cup!

Both... I just don't want my foot in my mouth later...

...Hamilton is going to be a solid contender this year....their d' is still a little suspect...but the offence has really taken on a new look....I wonder who will have the upper hand between the Cats' and the Bombers in the coaching dept.....Paopao (ex rens.) should know his Wpg. counterpart pretty good ...Marshal..(ex. rens.)...so if it comes down to head coaches......Could experience win out :?: ....we'll see... :roll:

Tabbies need to go after Montford IMO. Was at Ivor Wynne for the esks/cats game and the crowd still cheered wildly when they introduced him. Could be an emotional leader there.

I think Joe is out of Hamilton’s $$$ range, I donno however…

yah probably. He's out of Eskies range that we know.

The biggest weakness in Hamilton's defence was...Hamilton's offence. With a D that spent most of the game on the field, of course you're going to give up a lot of yards. With an O that hands the ball over on your own 20, of course you're going to give up a lot of points. Now that the offence has upgraded tremendously, you'll see a lot less scoring against the black and gold.

I think the Cats would be well advised to approach Montford. At his age, and at this point in the year, there probably aren't a lot of teams who are willing to pay what he's asking for, so he'll probably have to settle for considerably less. He's a natural Tiger-cat, and has thousands of fans here already. Plus, he's still got a few years to go in his Hall-of-Fame career.

Though I'd hate to lose James Cotton, who last year really showed how good he is by stepping into Montford's shoes.

We have Cheatwood and Cotton on the ends, we don't need Montford there except as a backup and he won't want to do this. He's at the end of the line as far as Hamilton goes.

hamiltons the east bottom tenant. i say we all put the effort used in this topic onto posting about teams that actually have a chance

Winnipeg have many young linemen. They should hire Montford as a linemen coach. He'd have a lot to teach these young guys. He could even be on the roster this season, while doing that.

i think fleming and brown are old and experienced enough to teach a few things. the riders might want him.

Yeh, ok Yogi, we'll see my friend who is at the bottom of the east at years end.

The funny thing is, last year when the Cats traded Montford and signed Cotton to replace him, most people thought they made a huge mistake. Now Montford's available, and most people seem to think the Cats can do without him.

Too bad we can't replace our defensive line with a defensive triangle...that way we could have three ends. :smiley:

as far as the roster goes: the Cats have never looked better
as far as their logo and colrs go: the Cats have never looked wrose! and their thrids suck IMO.

kk i think you need to look back further than the last three years before saying a comment like never looked better. i would say there have been many many better ticat teams than this. in fact more often than not in the last 20 years they have had a better roster than they do now. just because it is improved does not mean it is the best ever. most bomber fans think we are improved this year as well but it is still no where near where we have been in the past.

Alright, sorry, but they do have a powerful roster, that no one should underestimate this season.

You could. Just spot three guys on the line and add the fourth d-lineman behind the nose tackle. That'll make him start with a two steps disadvantage, but ont the other hand, the opposing line will never know if that third end will rush left, right, or drop back with the linebackers.