Extra Round In CFL Draft

Jim Popp was on with Randy Tieman on TSN this afternoon and said there will be an extra round - 60 players to be drafted plus 2 protected per team for a total of 76 players.

He`s in Orlando with his staff burning the midnight oil watching film. The interview is on the TSN 690 website.

While I appreciate Tieman`s interest in the CFL, I wish he would have asked Popp how the NFL signings will affect the Als draft. Popp is usually pretty honest in his answers.

I for one would love to know what the deal is with these "protected" players. Are they protected after the draft? Is it first-come first-served? This is a big deal, if true, IMO.

It`s not a new thing, but as I understand it each team after the draft is allowed to add 2 non-drafted players to its negotiation list. If 2 teams add the same player, priority is the same as it would be for a waiver claim. And the team not getting the player can then try to add a 2nd player.

The obvious question is why not just add 2 more rounds to the draft!

The CFL League has confirmed that the 2013 CFL Draft has been expanded from six to seven rounds.

In this same article the League states:"League rules permit teams to bring 75 players to training camp plus players selected in the 2013 CFL Draft plus 2 territorial exemptions,etc.

I expect the Als to have between 85 and 88 players to its 2013 training camp.