Just a thought i would have liked to have left the game on the field and gone for the 2 point convert for the win It would be risky but the outcome could have been different .

You know...I was thinking the same thing once Glenn got that touchdown. Go for broke. All or nothing.

yea but if they missed it all us fans would be calling for MB's head

I was at the game and I would have felt either way we had the momentum and should have taken advantage . I am not a fan of our overtime .it should be like the NFL

If we would have made it MB would have been a king

I completely agree with the overtime feelings. Even since we the CFL went to the Shoot Out / Dbl. Minigame OT I actually feel the CFL made a huge mistake.

Football should be a sudden death OT, plain and simple. (Especially with our current Redzone scoring issues.)


Couldn't agree more - in a perfect world, sudden death OT is the only valid way to settle a tie IMO.
Only problem is, TV can't deal with it. Sudden death OT would extend the game by an undetermined amount of time and play havoc with the TV schedule, upset advertisers, etc. and the TV execs will not allow it.