Extra Camp Days for Cal and EE

Any chance that these two will volunteer to shut down their camps post strike for a few days to enable other clubs to catch up? Should they?

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Hard to rectify isn’t it? If they shut down for a few days it will actually help some Elks and Stamps players heal up from camp, while other teams and players will feel under the gun and probably get more injuries in a shorter camp.

If they are scheduled to play an exhibition game against each other, maybe cancel that game for both teams to try to level out the evaluation process across the league. Or possibly mandate a shorter practice week for the Alberta teams the first couple weeks of the season (2 practice days instead of three). Not sure what the right answer is but they should consider something.

I think to be fair
EDM should concede their week 4 game
CGY should concede their week 19 game

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Yeah I agree it is hard to rectify now but it seems they should try at least. Odd the CFLPA did not think this through.

If I was one of the Alberta teams I wouldn't care about trying to make anything up. The whole point is to win games, get better stats and get paid a higher wage if you have the appearance of performing well. It just depends on whose side you're on.

As a BC fan I'm naturally outraged and will have an excuse ready for a loss when the time comes.


No, it's Alberta labour laws. They will be in position to strike 72 hours after thy file which I think is just after noon Thursday.
CFLPA is playing things by the book. Like they should. Don't give anyone anything they can yell and scream about in the press.
My guess? They will allow the other teams more days with longer practice hours to make up the difference.

I'm aware of the labour laws but that doesn't have anything to do with the original question which was "Any chance that these two will volunteer to shut down their camps post strike for a few days to enable other clubs to catch up? Should they?"

It doesn't matter. There is not that big of an advantage. The level of play will balance itself out based on the quality of talent the team has acquired

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This... They are only allowed so many days of two a days. Add enough extra days to the teams that are on strike to make up the difference AND let them take those days before they have to make cuts, where the Alberta teams will need to make the cuts like usual.

They can't shut it down unless the owners say so. The owners were hoping for a possible slip up there by the CFLPA but they didn't get one.

Re-jig the schedule and make Edmonton and Calgary play each other the first two weeks to allow other teams to somewhat "catch up".

The proper thing to do was for the Albertans to voluntarily have given up their workouts. Stand in solidarity with your CFLPA. They willfully chose not to, Dickenson is already on 3 down stating how he has already evaluated his Q.B.'s. How is this fair to the rest of the league when dick and jones are already making their first cuts and the rest of the teams players don't even know the name of their backup Q.B's? If I were B.C. I'd be crying foul. This will make the difference between 3rd to 5th for the 3 and B.C. will be at a disadvantage because of this shi t, especially with raw Canadians to evaluate for their starting Q.B., where the Albertans have already cut the also rans.

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Edmonton and Calgary need all the help they can get

To willfully break labour laws you mean? They are not in a legal strike position until tomorrow, Thursday May 19 @ 12:25 PM.

I didn't say go on strike. I said give up their workouts. There is no law stating what must go on at training camp. Gather the team if you must and sit in the film room for the entire time watching the young and the restless or whatever day T.V. is out there now.

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It would be the teams, not the players, that could possibly have decided to not practice ... but the likelihood of Chris Jones giving up anything that he sees as advantageous was slightly worse than my winning tonight's LottoMax.