Extended Practice Roster

The Cats' chosen 30-day period for having up to 5 extras on their PR comes to an end before practices begin, in preparation for hosting Ottawa. At least 4 of the following will have to be moved to Active, Injured, or Heading for Home, perhaps with a contract to return for 2016's training camp. I'd think there could well be 5 or 6 moved to, at the same time, make room for an International tackle, or two.

Tevrin Brandon 37 5'10" 180 DB Monmouth University INTERNATIONAL
Jarret Chapman 34 5'11" 198 DB Central Michigan NATIONAL
Troy M. Davis 92 6'2" 251 DE Central Florida INTERNATIONAL
Marc Dile 59 6'4" 300 OL South Florida INTERNATIONAL
Everett Ellefsen 71 6'3" 233 DE McNeese State INTERNATIONAL
Ray Holley 25 5'9" 200 RB Louisiana Tech INTERNATIONAL
Stephen Mawa 70 6'4" 275 DL UBC NATIONAL
Quincy McDuffie 19 5'10" 178 WR Central Florida INTERNATIONAL
Robin Medeiros 86 6'0" 195 WR Bishop's NATIONAL
Dan Molls 39 6'0" 238 LB Toledo INTERNATIONAL
Cleshawn Page 24 5'9" 179 DB Boise State INTERNATIONAL
Kealoha Pilares 82 5'11" 200 WR Hawaii INTERNATIONAL
Donald Washington 31 6'0" 198 DB Ohio State INTERNATIONAL
Everton Williams 53 6'6" 285 OL Toronto NATIONAL

I think Donald Washington should be on the active roster so he plays corner in the backfield. Rico Murray should be put back at Halfback with Emmanuel Davis on the other side. Courtney Stephen plays the other corner. I dont like Brandon Stewart at Halfback. I feel he has lost a step.

I'm with you on that.

Nice call ottawacat!

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 47m47 minutes ago
#Ticats release DBs Donald Washington, Tevrin Brandon, Nationals Robin Medeiros, Jarret Chapman as #CFL gets back to 10 on practice roster.

Have you not been watching Bstew play ? hes playing lights out and Rico will be back into fine form Sunday he got better as the BC game went on

I agree with both BoLtZ' comments. Stewart has been a revelation this year. After getting beat (badly) by whatshisname on the All Wets late last year he is perhaps one of our best DB's this year. Rico had rust coming off the IL. I fully expect him to be his excellent self against the RB's on Sunday.


I also agree with both Boltz and Mike. Stewart has been playing lights out this season in comparison to last year. Stewart has not only played solidly in the D-Backfield this season but has also been a terror on special teams as well (remember that onside kick TD against Toronto ? :smiley: ) I'm also not 100% sure on this but I think Stewart also has one of our 5 blocked punts as well this season.
Rico Murray I think we all can agree had a bad outing in the BC game but in his defense he had been out and on the IL for the 5 games preceding this one and did look a little rusty. I don't really have any concerns though that Rico won't bounce back to his usual self against the RB's this week. Murray has more than proven himself as a solid multi-positional player for us since 2013.
Personally I would take our group of DB's any day of the week over any of the other teams DB's in this league. Man for man if you ask me the BEST DB unit this season is without a doubt the Ti-Cats bar none. :thup: