Explaining my absence

Since some have asked, I’ll reply in the forum so as to only have to say this once.

There are several reasons for my absence.

Most important is that I have lost the fire in the belly when it comes to the CFL. I’ve been a rabid fan for most of my life, but I have recently lost that feeling. I suppose it’s particularly the one-year hiatus that has basically killed my enthusiasm. I just got used to no-CFL and have moved on.

This season I have watched more baseball and frankly enjoy it more. I have missed more CFL games than I have watched, and of those I have watched it’s only been for a short time; I have not watched a complete game yet.

So being used to no-CFL, I simply found other interests upon which to focus my attention.

In addition to all that, Mrs MadJack is battling a health situation that is very challenging to say the least (nothing to do with covid), and, well, first things first.

The straw that broke the camel’s back occurred a few months ago when I called out a particular poster for spewing misinformation and outright lies, something he’s been doing with some regularity. I also called out the same poster for hurling personal insults at others who had the nerve to ask him for a source to back up some of his wild claims.

In response, the mods gave me a (brief) suspension on the basis that I had “hijacked” a thread for a “personal squabble.” Now I don’t happen to agree that calling out misinformation and lies, and calling out personal insults constitutes a “personal squabble”, but if that’s the mods’ opinion then that is their prerogative.

In addition, a mod told me that I am a “troublemaker”. Now again I don’t happen to agree with that, as I believe it’s the one peddling misinformation and insulting others for making reasonable requests that is the troublemaker, but again that’s a mod prerogative.

CAVEAT. . . none of that is a reflection on our new mod, as this all occurred some months ago. It was prior to his return from being absent for over a year and then promptly being made a mod, which is rather impressive.

So I haven’t posted since (until now), and don’t intend to. I do drop by from time to time just to see what’s going on in select threads, and will likely continue to do so for a bit, but I won’t be participating so as not to cause any more trouble.

Johnny and Sheldon. . . when and if Mrs MadJack and I visit Montreal again, I’ll be sure to let you know so we can get together again.


Very sorry to hear about Mrs. MadJack. Wishing her a full recovery.

I get the "non-CFL" thing. I was like that for almost two years. Our lives don't stay the same. But I still hope to see you on the forums again.


Yes...good luck to your wife.
I too am loving watching the Jays. But CFL is very enjoyable for me too and its too bad about that mod over the top reaction. Totally uncalled for.
Tell us about your fishing escapes now and again and than/then corrections.


Salut mon ami. I will miss your posts and insight. Good luck to you with everything.


Nice to hear from you, MadJack.

The best to Mrs MadJack and to you.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Sorry to hear all of that Jack. I wish the best to you and Mrs. Madjack.

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Best wishes for a healthy recovery for your wife

Certainly hope for the best for Mrs. Madjack and that you'll reconsider posting again.
And all things being well would love to get together again with you, the Mrs & Johnny.
Maybe this time Johnny won't fire the waitress & bartender!

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Merci de ce témoignage d'une honnêteté sans réserve.

La situation que vous vivez est malheureuse à certains égards, et c'est dans l'ordre des choses que vos priorités aillent à vos proches. Espérons que ça s'améliorera. Je vis des enjeux qui peuvent y ressembler, à cette différence près que l'issue est connue : c'est le décès, et rien d'autre. Il ne nous reste qu'à espérer pouvoir profiter du mieux qu'on peut du temps qui nous reste, dont la durée est inconnue. Le beau côté de l'affaire, c'est que chaque jour de plus est une récompense!

En ce qui concerne les réprimandes dont vous avez été l'objet, elles témoignent de l'exercice de funambule qu'est de remettre les choses à leur place sans franchir certaines limites. C'est d'autant plus difficile lorsque l'interlocuteur se comporte en abruti et profère n'importe quoi, sauf la vérité et la civilité. La tentation est forte de répliquer sous la ceinture. Je ne parle pas ici d'interlocuteurs connus, dont le comportement et les propos ont pu être estimés de longue date, ceux à qui on peut s'adresser avec un peu plus de retenue parce qu'on sait qu'ils sont capables de ce qui a fait défaut une ou deux fois. Je parle de ces obtus qui vivent par le crois ou meurs. Certes, il pourrait y avoir lieu de solliciter les modérateurs, mais quoi faire lorsqu'ils demeurent sourds, muets ou aveugles? Je ne crois pas que ça arrive souvent, mais nous avons vu certains cas où ils ont tardé à agir.

J'espère tout de même que vous pourrez de temps à autre nous faire profiter de vos observations qui, ma foi, sont généralement perspicaces, pertinentes, et parfois amusantes.

Que la vie nous éprouve est une observation qui se constate à toute époque de l'Histoire. Mais la façon dont nous affrontons l'épreuve peut nous faire gagner sur celle-ci, même si son dénouement n'est pas heureux.

J'irais bien prendre une bière ou douze avec vous, Sheldon et Johnny.


Hi Madjack!

Good to hear from you again. And I hope you do indeed come back to Montreal. And this time, I will be there with all of my ND paraphernalia.

I agree about the CFL. I'm sorry because there are some great players and great games. But the CFL, sad to say, is a low-budget league in a country where many fans (except out West) seem to take a rather indifferent approach. Two Eastern cities didn't even have a team for many years; did anybody even notice - or care? Our largest city can't even draw 20,000 fans. I've lamented this many times before, and I sincerely hope things will change.

At this time of the year, however, ND football is my main interest. This will be a rebuild season for them, as is usually the case (except for Alabama!) with college teams. I hope we can pull out a W against Purdue tomorrow.

I still hope the Als do well this season, and I check in from time to time.

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PS Madjack. I sincerely hope your dear wife starts feeling better. Hope to see you both in Montreal some day. Let me know!

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My best wishes to your wife and yourself through her struggles.

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I can't say I blame you MJ
I am very close to following you
I am tired of the harassment I am getting here
I am tired of the double standards....some posters can do and say what they like and others get warning for nothing!

16 years ago when I joined it was a fun place to hang out with people I called friends even though we never met!

Now its nothing but a big clique...filled with trolls who seem to have permission from the mods

I a tired of rereading and rewording everything because you will be Attacked personally and accused of trolling
Its not fun anymore
Hasn't been in a long long time

C'est malheureux à lire, mais je compatis.

Je ne pense pas que c'est un phénomène particulier à ce forum, mais plutôt que c'est la répercussion dans ce forum d'une tendance beaucoup plus large sur les tribunes accessibles par Internet. Elles deviennent l'exutoire de bien des gens qui semblent avoir besoin de s'en prendre aux autres pour justifier leur existence. Comme s'ils n'existaient pas s'ils n'ont pas l'impression que le monde entier leur porte attention. Je pense que ça découle de la prolifération des réseaux (anti-) sociaux, mais je n'ai pas d'étude probante à soumettre pour appuyer cette hypothèse.

Pour ma part, j'apprécie beaucoup tes contributions, et encore plus te saluer lorsque l'occasion se présente.

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