Explain your forum name.

:lol: Some forum names are self explanatory, but some others seem pretty intriguing.

Mine’s nothing to do with breaking up games. My dog’s name is buster and I wanted to combine something about sports with it.
Anyone care to explain their names? I hope there is something funny!

Mine is pretty easy to remember once you catch what it means. The “acw” is the wrestling promotion that I am a referee and trainee of, which is American Championship Wrestling. The “cameron” is my name.

Sorry Kanga,
I guess I missed the previous thread that was like this. I’ve been a member for only a couple of months. Perhaps there are enough new members though to warrant having it again. Only time will tell. I figured the Kanga in your name was for Kangaroo, but was curious about the Kucha.

Well i was Blue Martin Gold Tee Grey Cup but that name will stay in the closet intil we start him, and Charlie(Roberts) predicted 2000 yds rushin again, (i dont think hes gonna get it) but props too him if he does and its nice too see how much more mature he is, it will be fun watchin him this year but dont Blink

Nothing special about mine; as well as being a rabid CFL fan, I am also a fan of drummer Ginger Baker, and one of signature pieces is entitled “Mad Jack”, and since my name is Jack…

this one is easy…‘papa’ cuz that’s what the grandkids call me…and zoo because I used to work at the ZOO in the Peg… and…la la like in la la land :lol: where alot of these topics on this forum seem to come from…JUST KIDDING… :lol: :lol:

Mine’s not too hard to figure out I’m sure. I’m Stampers cuz they’re my boys, but Stamps has already been done, and re-done, and re-done again. And “7” is because that was always my number in sports.

I’m interested in the origin of “Eskimos32001”, particularly since I gather you live in the 'toon.

Also “Eski-Moses”, as you don’t seem to favor the Eskimos.

Perhaps youv’e explained before (bored with the topic), or I am off-base with my remarks - in which case I will understand if you don’t respond.

I’m a Ti-Cats fan :slight_smile:

mines my first name backwards and my lucky number

“Third and ten” is football language for “Failure is not an option”.

And by the way Kanga-Kucha, this topic existed on the previous huddle only. So what you said then can’t be pasted unless you saved the old webpages, which would definately make you look weird.

In the old huddle, it wouldn’t accept sportsman, so I went sportsmen 7 (Lucky number) when this site came up I went to sportsmen… I really wanted sportsman, but…THE FONTS WERE SO SMALL I DIDN’T NOTICE MY SPELLING ERROR! So being lazy, I never bothered to change and left it as sportsmen.

hi football fans!
My name is:tnemeriter2002. If you read the 1st part backwards it spells retirement which is what I am currently enjoying very much.And the 2002 is the year I retired. In fact for you younger football fans out there it sure beats waking up to the jangle of an alarm clock or having to punch a time clock.
I live in Kamloops B.C. and am a Stamps fan as I was born in Calgary many moons ago,so a guy has to stay faithful to his roots doesn’t he?Anyway I wish you all a good season and may your favorite team win the Grey Cup !Ha!Ha!Ha Ha!

There actually is a story to my name. A friend of mine had two friends named Dave: me, and another guy who was considerably smaller (like 5’ tall). So to distinguish between the two of us, he became “Little Dave”, and I was, of course “Big Dave.” Even though no one calls me that anymore, I used the name on the original huddle, and it has stuck ever since.

This Is A Pretty Good Topic, And I Don’t Remember Seeing It On The Old Thread Or On This One, Mines Not Really A Great Storey, Bamboo Is My E-Mail. I Picked Bamboo Cause When I Was 12 I Had A Friend Over And We Wanted To View Some Exotic Sites That Required A E-Mail. I Couldn’t Think Of Anything So I Just Toke My Buddies E-Mail Which Was Bamboo69 And Added A Few Numbers. That And I Can Do Some Clever Innuendos Like “Bamboo, Pandas Like It Wet” And “Bamboo, Ninjas Wak It Hard”. So That’s It, This Is A Pretty Good Topic, I’m Especially Interested In Finding Out About Eskie-Moses As He’s A Fellow Beacher, And Ryoon As I Never Quite Understood That One.

mine isnt that hard… i was origionaly Blazer_RB because that was my origional possision but about a week after joining i was swiched to TE/Slot, plus my old account didnt work… although i should have thought ahead as i now am playing for the OKM Huskies not the Kelowna Blazers… anyone know how to change usernames without making a new account?