Explain this to me please.

This I cannot figure out.
In the Mtl Ham game tonight Mtl got called for an illegal block in the endzone(don't get me wrong now, it was a good call) My question is why would they bring the ball out to the 10 yard line so they can be penalised half the distance and take the ball back to the 5?????? :shock:

Huh? Sorry, I don't follow ... I didn't see it, though.

probably the ball would come out to the 20 and then a 10 yard penalty

I’LL try again
The punt returner was in the endzone with the ball. There was an illegal block in the endzone. They spotted the ball on the 10 and said the penalty was half the distance to the goal line so it was first and 5 from the 5.

If the ball is downed in the endzone and the returning team has a penalty against them the penalty is applied from the 10 yard line (this has happened before this year)

CFL rule book

If Team B commits a foul in its goal area while in possession of the ball in its goal area, Team A may elect to
accept the one or two point score, if applicable, or
decline the penalty and accept the play as it terminated, or
decline the score and require the penalty to be applied against Team B from its 10 yard line.
If the foul is committed outside the goal area while Team B is in possession of the ball in its goal area the penalty shall be applied from Team B's 10 yard line or option.



Montreal made the booboo while they got the ball, and had to start from the 5 w/o a single to Hamilton? Did Hamilton get the safety?

If I were Hamilton. I would have taken the Single, but I guess that they didn't have the opion. I have no idea why.

Ok, So Montreal got the ball, made the foul, got it out of the inzone, but had to spot the ball at the 5 yard line right?


Montreal recovered the punt in the endzone. But on the play they took a penalty for an illegal block. Hamilton then has the option of taking the single and Montreal starts at their 35 yard line or taking the penalty which is applied at the 10 yard line but gets no points for the punt being downed in the endzone. Hamilton gave up the single for field position, which is the right call in my opinion in this case.

ok, so instead of a single, they tried to get Montreal to give up 2 and the ball back. fair enough.

Hamilton couldn't take a single, because the ball wasn't downed in the end zone. Landry returned it for a huge return after the illegal block. There was another illegal block, but it was much later in the return. Hamilton's options would have been:

(a) decline both penalties, and allow Montreal to scrimmage from where the play ended, around mid-field. That obviously didn't make sense.
(b) decline the first penalty and take the second one, which would have given Montreal the ball 10 yards back from where Landry had the ball when the infraction occurred. That would have been around Montreal's 40 yard line.
(c) decline the second penalty and take the first one, which would give Montreal the ball ten yards back from where Landry had the ball when that infraction occurred. But Landry was in the end zone, and penalties applied from the "point ball held" when the ball is held in the end zone are applied from the ten yard line; half the distance puts the ball on the five.

So Hamilton could have elected to have Montreal scrimmage from midfield, from about the 40, or from the five. Which would you pick?

I actually didn't see the play (since it was basically a nothing game the bar I was at had the Oilers game on). But what Big Dave said is correct.

from the five, glad that Montreal wasn't spotted in the End zone, cuz I believe if that happened, ham should have got the single and Montreal should have line up at the five or ten.

Maybe I'm just a little hostile, oh well.

If the ball had been downed in the end zone, Hamilton would have had the option of
(a) declining the penalty, taking the single and giving Montreal the ball on the 35, or
(b) taking the penalty and giving Montreal the ball on the 5, with no point awarded.

They probably would have chosen (b).

and tried to get Montreal to comit a safety, get 2 ponts and the ball back, I see. but I don't quite agree, a single is a single.

I think this is one of those things I put in my rule chage list, but not be really serouis about.

You say they should hae taken the single?
So I guess a team should always punt it into the endzone for a single instead of out of bounds inside the 5????

well, ro, considering that the Cats are ganrebteed a point if they get the ball in the in zone and keep it there, while they have to get the other team to coincided the safety in three downs. I'd just go for the ganreeteeded point. But that's just me. I doesn't really matter though, situations like this are rare anyway.

Guarenteed point and 30 yards for field
You will never coach football