Explain this plays!

When the Als were 2nd and inches and the Als tried a pass(right before the dumb procedure call) Why didn't they but Brady in? I mean having Calvillo in the shot gun tell you right away it gonna be a pass!

Same thing on the second attempt, with Calvillo in and Roberts in the backfield......what could the Argos think would happen?

Did you ever watch Brady throw a ball when he was with Hamilton? If you have, you'll know why... because he CAN'T throw a ball. Well, he can, but it's anybody's guess where it's going to end up. The Als wanted to WIN this game.

Well at least it would not have been written on the scoreboard what they were going to do!

At least on the second play had the put Brady in the Argos would have expected a sneek, he could have then given it to Edwards who may have been able to go around the pack. Who knows!

Good idea ro........having AC in there sort of telegraphed the play. On the other hand, he probably surprised them by throwing to that useless twit Anderson, who again made no effort to go after it (he probably wouldn't have got to it, it was overthrown, but at least an effort would have been nice).

But I agree; having Brady in there on second and inches gives us more options and keeps the defence off balance. Now if we could only teach our O-lineman to stay still on short yardage plays UNTIL THE BALL IS HIKED..........................

I agree, not having Brady in there confused me. I don't like him, but either you have Brady in there to avoid telegraphing your play, or you have Calvillo take the snap right behind centre, not in the shotgun formation, and run play action.

BC must have read this post becuase yesterday they put J. Jackson in on 2nd and inches. He faked the sneek and threw down field