Explain this B.C. Lions Fans...

Alot of you smack-talking lions fans have brought up the fact of how the Alouettes were demolished by the BC Lions in 2 games this season.


You Lions fans do not take note of the fact that the Alouettes were LEADING at the half 13 to 12. Whatever it was the Als did that game, it was working the first half. Keep in mind that

  1. The Als had a useless Offensive tackle in that game

  2. The underperforming Richard Karikari was playing safety and the useless Darrel Crutchfield was at the corner position

The Als are way better now with Okeke and Mudge back healthy on the line and with Estelle and Brightful taking the places of Crutch and Karikari.

This game will be way harder than some of you Lions fans think it will be.

Final Score:

Als 24
Lions 17

I'll have to agree with Liontamer on this one...

It's not like the Leos smoked the Als during the first quarter. And I think the problems with the O-line have been addressed. Montreal's O-Line is best in the league and I don't think that the Lions will get much pressure even if they blitz.

Don't forget that Etienne Boulay has been playing well as of late. He'll be beating up on some of those Leo receivers this Sunday.


These lion fans have no idea what they are in for. They are so sure that their team can win it all. That won't happen. I can see "Super" Dave choking again just like he did in 2004. It's 2004 all over again Dave. And even 1999 when you choked against Hamilton.

I'm hoping that Montreal wrecks these cocky BC LIONS.

Good luck Lions...you'll need it!

Stamps will host the West Division Final in '07!

Guys, let them think they're invincible... they must already be taking their fingers measurements for the Grey Cup rings instead of preparing for the game...

Who thinks this game will be a walk? It seems the only fans thinking this game will be easy are Alouettes fans. And for those that think that, you have a big surprise in store for you on Sunday.

Lions in 06

I've read more overconfident Als fans posts than Lions fans. It's the media that is favouring the Lions but I think real Lions fans know it's gonnna be a fight.

Speaking from a "cleanup" perspective, I've deleted only posts/threads from new Montreal fans in the last few days.....existing forum members (BC/Montreal fans, that is) don't seem to be too into the overconfidence, but many of these new boneheads are a piece of work, let me tell ya.....

What?! What are you talking about Aaron Hunt? Tell me, have you seen one Als fan saying that the game is going to be easy? None of them think that this will be easy...but they do believe that the Als can and will win this game. It's called heart. It's something that the Lions don't have. They just have cocky attitudes and a whole lot of luck. If anybody thinks that the game will be easy, it's you Lions fans that think it will be a repeat of the two games played between these two teams over the summer! That's ridiculous! Think about the garbage before you say it...We'll see who will be talking after Sunday's game. And tell your brother Mike I say hi!

Another Als fan claiming another win. Will you be here if they don't? I know I will be whether the Lions win or lose.

Can you bring up a few posts that you're refering too? And have any of you Als guys in this post heard of ITOLDYOUSO? Maybe you should have read his posts before making some of the comments you are. In fact some of the above posts sound like smack talk too if you ask me . Check out some of your own names, liontamer47 , crylionscry , what's that if it ain't cocky smack talk. :roll:

listen guys
All of the trash has come from the same 1 or 2 people who have signed up with multiple names only to cause trouble

As a Lions fan I agree with you Lionbacker. I expect a close game Sunday. So there.....breathe into the brown paper bag Als fans and settle down.

BC Lions, 2006 Grey Cup Champions.

I think Liontamer is ITOLDYOUSO. They both make "alot" of the same spelling and grammar mistakes. Whoever you are, how about picking up "Hooked On Phonics", hauling out the Speak and Spell and working on your crow-eating post for Monday morning?

I just have to say, the history of the Grey Cup is that it's a GREAT game. I'm betting it will be again. A cherished memory. The weather in the 'Peg has been super, and I hope it continues. Let's have some fun, pick on the Lions(not in a bad way) and try not to spend all our money on the Gentlemen's clubs!!!!!

Although Montreal was ahead by a small margin in the first half of previous meeting, BC still won big. Montreal still losted despite greater motivation and extra preparation from bye week. BC doesn’t have to dominate a entire game to win. In 8 previous meetings, Montreal only won once in the final minute against a BC team in a slump. If both teams play their best, BC should win.

Some really dumb comments coming from both camps...

No I am not "ITOLDYOUSO" but if it makes you feel better then I can be whomever you want me to be.

Secondly, BC Lions I really do think that the Alouettes will give you guys some trouble. This game is no forgone conclusion. It will be a fight to the very end.
The Als will play a ball-control offense that BC won't be able to slowdown. a 7 yard run here by Edwards. Then a 6 yard catch from Cahoon there. That will be the game story from the offensive side of the ball.

Now the TSN panel says that the Als can't play man or zone against the Lions because either way, the Lions will have their way against the Als defense. That's not true. The Als will show the Lions a few wrinkles that they haven't seen all year. They are going to bring the pressure on Dave Dickenson. Send all sorts of blitzes. They'll get to him early and often.

12 sacks against Montreal's O-Line last time these two played - better start getting Nealon ready for some snaps.

Another thing, I think Saskatchewan's D has generally put more pressure on the QB than Montreal's. How many sacks did the Riders get last Sunday? Nuff said.

Hey Aaron Hunt,

The SAME argument is brought up over and over again. Look, that Montreal O-Line had the inexperienced Tackle ALLEN. It was injured and beat up. When we had the REGULAR O-line, your defense didn't have the same effect. It's not going to be some sackfest.

And Saskatchewan's D puts more pressure on the QB??? How often do they blitz? I bet not as often as Montreal plans to do this Sunday.