Explain THAT Flag please

Anybody see that NFLer who got hit right in the eye with a referee's flag?

He charged at the official and pushed him to the ground afterwards and began holding his eye swearing at him. I don't know the names of anybody invovled in that but I heard the player was forced to retire and sued the NFL for millions.

The point is, the ref's are flag happy. They need to take a breath and then make the call or not. Since when is it imperative to make a call instantly?

It confuses things, and make the league look bush.

I think TO got jobbed big time. But Sask. did recover the ball and it probably made no difference in the outcome. Sorry Dbl. Blue!

How did TO get "jobbed"

Thanx for posting the video RO!
I agree that the flag had no bearing on the outcome of the game which is a pleasant change.
However, I do not agree with your suggestion that this flag was thrown for a real infraction as this official was looking right at Levingstone when he fumbled and threw the flag immediately. No Sask player was yet inside the 15 yard line and Bashir was 2 yds deep. There was very clearly NO infraction for No yards.
While I like Ned's suggestion that the official just didn't know the difference between his orange flag and the blue bean bag and was marking the spot of the fumble (perhaps Mr. Black can run a refresher this week - "Blue and Orange - Similar but differnt"), you can clearly see that the fumble occurred inside the end zone and the official throws the flag from his position on the goal line out toward the five where the ball is eventually recovered. Unfortunately he throws it well prior to the ball's recovery and even had he been confused about which pocket he should have used, there still would have been no value in this call.
Someone needs to step up and tell us what is really going on out there.