expiry dates

in the last 2 home games ive bought the pizza,pop,chips combo in the north stands. the july 14th game the expiry date on the chips were july 16th, last night july 28 the expiry date was JULY 25. why are potato chips or any other products sold with past expiry dates

don'tcha see it? how can we afford our great players if we dont cut a few corners like that.

pfft, i'll bet you're an argo fan aren't you



oh sure..now its the chips fault our team s*&ks

they’re not expiry dates, they are best before dates. the concession staff simply lack the time to examine all 3rd party products. Probably Lays or whoever is supplying them using older stock

So its the time the lack eh... here i was thinkin it was something else...


Beer has best before as well, but we probably still drink them

who cares

I’m past my best before date too.

The chips are much fresher than the play selection.

"Best before dates" on things like potato chips are normally years in the future, so this is a serious problem.

Distributors will discount food products that are closing in on their expiry date just to get them out of their inventory.

We will bring this one up with our concessionaire. Thanks for noticing and pointing it out. If you see this again in any future game please send me a note directly: bob@ticats.ca.


what the heck? bob, it's 3:20am... past your bedtime dammit! it's past my bedtime even.

Not in Rome, Italy - it's 9.30am. (I'd whine about the jet-lag and trails of living out of a suitcase on extended business trips, but I doubt I'll get a lot of sympathy :wink:)

What are all you layabouts still doing in bed?

Laying in Bed?
Not so.
Preparing for another 40 degree day, (50 in my work environment) and praying a cloud will take a spot directly overtop of me all day.
Glad to see your in Rome though, Im thinking we could find a spot for the Pope somewhere on our O-line.
Just sign him up and well work him in somewhere. :wink:

I would rather have Moses playing on the O-line. Acording to some reports, he DID part the Red Sea...

Bob, can I email you directly to let you know the floor under my seat was sticky or my beverage didn't have enough ice in it and I want something done about it???

This is a new complaining low on this board.

BEER HAS AN EXPIRY DATE! :? :? I didn't think most of us had a beer that was in the fridge for more than a week so why bother.


I doubt it's Lays or Pepsi's or Budweiser's fault....all of their products would leave their facilities with at least 8 weeks left on their products best before dates....for those of you who haven't noticed yet, Compass (the concessioner) are the only people I know who could f**k up a two car parade.