Expendable Players

With free agency approaching, and trade time nearing, what players are locks for next season? I would say Lumsden, Printers, Moreno, Mckay, Hage, Dyakowski, Armstead, Bauman, and maybe Armour are locks. I would say the rest can be traded or may be cut. Excluding the special case Setta has where he may try the NFL.

I say anyone can be traded if you get good value in return.

The only players I'd be sorry to see leave Hamilton are Lumsden, Setta, Cody, Armor and Moreno

i wouldn't be sorry to see cody traded. he is feeling sorry for him self, and wants to be traded, so i say trade him.

Cody is not a good player. If anything he could be the most expendable player on the roster. Probably makes too much, very inconsistant, showed absolutely nothing last year. I just think his head isnt in it.

I'm not willing to judge him so harshly because of one article in the paper.

I think Cody is an excellent player. As far as where his head's at, I have no idea. I read that Spec article, but I've read many an article to know that there is always more than one perspective to any story. However, that doesn't mean that you guys are wrong.

Cody is a player I wouldn't trade for one simple reason. His value is far lower than his worth. The conundrum seems to be which player are we going to get. I believe he's a fine CFL player and I cannot see us getting equal value in return only a trade of problem children or useless draft picks/backups to be cut in the spring.

i wouldnt like to see Terry Caulley go anywhere either. I also think Richie Williams was at times more effective then Casey Printers. Terry Caulley is a lock in especially with injury prone Jesse Lumsden

everyone should be expendable from a team that was as bad as last year's team. i'm not advocating getting rid of the jesse's and the hage's and armour's
but at this point they should have already evaluated every player and if some of these guys don't measure up (injuries, underachieving) they should think about an upgrade. i'm not sure there isn't a more durable back than jesse out there. robert edwards comes to mind. i don't know if jesse can handle being an every down back with his history of injuries.

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