Expected Crowds?

In BC, they're talking loosely about 50-55K (I think it will be nearly full with the Rider fan walk up crowd)...

...but whats the line on Toronto? Can we expect a (near) sellout? I hope so, for a game of this magnitude with the Grey Cup the next week at home. Are the Argo's doing much to hype the game in Toronto? Seems awful quiet out east, though still early in the week I suppose.

I bought my tickets from an argos rep in the grup sales department. I asked him what they were expecting, he says "Oh, around 31,000". I says, "really? that low?" He says "yeah, the thing is here's a raptor game and the Santa Claus Parade that day".

That ticket taker gave you bad information.
They've already sold around 30,000 and its only Wednesday. Look for a big walkup to put the crowd to around 40,000-45,000 plus.

The Santa Claus parade might hurt, but the Raptors won't have any impact. I mean they had almot 3,000 empty seats for their game tonight.