Expected crowd Toronto-Sask tonight?

Football is not even close to being the world's sport. It is North America's sport, but that is it. And please don't even try to say you were including soccer in "football". That is a load of crap.

Sorry Earl, as a fan of all sorts of football, you can't lump soccer in with gridiron football to make an argument against hockey.

From an objective standpoint, soccer has more in common with hockey than it does gridiron football... you know with having to score in a net and such? Furthermore, gridiron football is a North American thing and is far less internationally recognized than hockey.

The world understanding soccer has nothing to do with how Canadians don't get fooball.

I like football too, but don't go slagging hockey to make your point about how great football is.

Becuase hockey is way more of a world game then North American style football. Look at the NFL's failure in Europe. Case closed.

But if you want to talk about a boring sport, talk baseball.

I happened to switch to the Blue Jays game at half time of the ARgos game, and while the Argos game was loud and boisterous, the baseball was like watching paint dry.

And the big deal in the baseball was the pitcher allowing no hits. And the annoucners were all excited.

I guess nothing happening is a great thing in baseball. Because it happens oh so often in that sport.

I just don't get those up here who can sit through this non-sport and be entertained. I say they're sleeping half the time.

I actually have to admit, there was pretty good atmosphere provided by the 34,000 people who showed up for the Toronto-Sask game. Now, clearly, some of that came from the Sask. fans in the crowd, bas sitting at home watching that game and saw the fun the people in the stands were having, I'd want to go to a game and catch some of that live.

It's not about how many people go, it's about who goes.

Lets look at the maple leafs and the ACC,

I've made my point.