Expected crowd Toronto-Sask tonight?

And is the dome going to be open?

I will be there and would expect 30,000-35,000.
There is a $5 promotion in all of the nosebleed 500 Section.

The crowd is expected to be well-dressed and quiet! :wink:

  • paul

53,506 at Skydome for the Roughriders at Argonauts.

59,841 at BC Place for the Bluebombers at Lions.

60,081 at Commonwealth Stadium for the Tiger-Cats at Eskimos.

I want to see all the games sell out to capacity.

I don't think 60 thousand people want to watch the cats destroy the eskies.

r4, you do know you are talking about Canada, the only country in the world where people adore a bunch of guys skating around on a rink with a piece of lumber in their hands chasing a cold piece of rubber. The rest of the world gets it with "football", but we just don't seem to understand, we're just a bit slow I guess. :roll:

The reason that attendance will be up in Edmonton this weekend is that at the last game against Calgary, if you purchased a hot dog at Commenwealth you got a free ticket to this weeks game against the Ticats. Attendence is always good when the Riders go to Toronto.

if your purchased a hot dog? Nose bleed tickets?(eskimos?)

Rest of the world gets it with football? are you going with umbrella term Football that includes: Canadian, American, Soccer, Aussie and Irish(Gaelic) football?

Perhaps people miss the fact the CFL has the 6th highest attendance per game out of all professional leagues in the world.

only the NFL, MLB, German/English Premier soccer leagues and Aussie football have higher per game attendance. no one from South american, Asia or Africa are really even close to the CFL in per game.

and this is by last year numbers, the CFL is on pace to increase attendance this year by almost 1K fans per game(and could set a new CFL record and break the 2.3M set in 2005 and that was with 9 teams, the CFL needs to average 32K at years end, very possible with MTL playing a game or two at the big Owe)

Really? I could have sworn that hockey is way more popular on a world wide scale than Western world football. Unless you were including Futbol (soccer), I don't think your statement about the rest of the world getting it has any merit.

Seems hard to believe that all of metro Toronto's 3.75 milion people have something better to do than go to a game on a sunny Toronto night with the Dome open.

I just don't understand anymore why the Argo's can't draw. I mean there is really no reason why Toronto's games shouldn't be completely sold out. And its not like the Argo's haven't been in the hunt or playing entertaining football the last few years. And you've got Saskatchewan coming in, one of the best teams in the league, who probably bring in about 15,000 of their own fans into a game like this. And yet, the crowd will only be 30-35K. Come on!

Ironic too, that Pinball is one of Toronto's most revered sports personalities, but people don't want to come and see the team that made him famous and gave him that spotlight.

Seriously, someone needs to write a doctorate on this to explain to me the sports psyche in southern Ontario. What the h**l else are people doing tonight?

Yes Thyrllin, including both soccer and gridiron as all "football". And don't get me wrong, hockey is a great game, I've played it most of my life since I could walk. But "football" is THE worlds sport, hands down. We have a great league here in the CFL with great players (maybe not so good refs at times and in the past maybe some not so good head office admin people :wink: ) and I just think we should be selling out our stadiums 90 percent of the time. I personally think Canada is too focused on hockey which I find an inferior sport, generally speaking that is, to watch than football, gridiron anyways.

I'd love to see this as well. Unfortunately the Lions only sell about 35,000 tickets and section off the rest until big regular season games and/or the playoffs.

...nothing wrong with 35,000, thats a pretty respectible number in the league these days...

Absolutely. And 20,000 at higher prices like in Montreal, packing the stadium there, is also fantastic!!! :thup:
I just want all the teams to be sound financially which doesn't nothing but help the league prosper and continue to go forwards.

But not what the CFL deserves for the level of athleticism of its players, the excitement of the game, its importance to the sporting tradition of the country etc.

Again, I ask, what the h**l is going on, on a beautiful summer night in Toronto that 54,000 people can’t show up for 3 hours of entertainment from some of the best athletes in North America for $20??? $5 if you get in on that 1 game promotion they’ve got tonight? It defies logic!!!

If I was a player, I’d hate to play for a team that can only draw 30,000 people in 1/2 empty, cavernous quiet stadiums like BC and Toronto. It must just make them feel ike crap when they go into Regina and 27,000 people are on their feet cheering against them.

Part of the Toronto thing is the stadium. None of the big stadiums, Toronto, Edmonton, BC and the former Montreal site (Big O), sell out very often to capacity.

Toronto has always been a mystery, part of it, is that they are always looking for the next big thing. There are always a few high flyers talking about getting a NFL team. The unfortunate part of that is it makes it harder for the Boatman to build a stronger fan base. People are holding out for the NFL.

How good are the sitelines and atmosphere at B.C. Place?

Looking at a seating chart, it appears that, (unlike Skydome and The Big O), the stadium in B.C. was designed specifically for C.F.L. football first and foremost.

Well, Edmonton averaged over 40K last year in a city of 750,000 people.

So, doing the math, Toronto has 4 tmes the population, so in theory, there should be 4 times the fans in the stands. One might say, 120,000 for a football game come on. Well they do it regularly in the US for college games and 1 city in Australia (Melbourne) has 9 Aussie Rules Football Clubs. The Melbourne Cricket Club has seating for 100,000 in a city of comparative size (actually smaller) to Toronto.

Its apathy in Toronto. And its pathetic. The product deserves better.

Progress is happening. You can’t expect to start filling the building overnight.

Attendance in Toronto has more than doubled in the last 4 years. Tonights crowd was loud, especially on the Saskatchewan drive where the Riders had a Time Count violation (cause O’Day couldn’t hear the snap count)…then on the next play the crowd rose to their feet only to see a potential INT slip through the hands of our DB into the hands of the Rider receiver and have him walk into the end zone. We deserved better!!

Actual Argo attendance tonight was 34K and change. Just out of curiousity, did TSN show any clips of that on-field promotion that went awry?