Expected crowd BC at Toronto?

Anyone know what the attendence is expected to be at this game?

30,000 from what I just read in The Sun. Gorgeous day here in the golden horseshoe, dome will be open which is best for watching a game there in my opinion.

30K is a little dissapointing considering the Grey Cup hype, BC are the defending champs and the good weather, no?

By comparison, Sask. had 28,800 at their home exhibition game last week!

Come on Toronto, get your heads out of your butts and start going to these games!

I am just leaving for the game and would be surprised if there will be more then 27,000.
The stupid early start time of 6:30 won't help the walkup crowd.

lookin back to 2002 tho, its pretty good. Maybe there is hope for Toronto after all haha.

disappointing??...the start time is dissapointing...6:30?!?!?!?!.....most people dont get off work til 5, then gotta drive home, shower and change, get the kids ready and then fight traffic to get to the stadium...then after the game, have to drive home thu traffic and wake up early to go to work friday.

this argo schedule is terrible.

i usually go to 5 games a year..this year, im lucky if i get to 2.

im hittin up alot more ticat games this year..unless they are as dull and boring as last year.

Bishop is stealing damons job!!!!!!!!!

Looks like a very good crowd at the Argo game. At least on TV anyway.

29,157 in attendance.

wow...totally different feel to this game with bishop in at the controls..

argos are playing with ALOT more confidence.

I agree! Damon had 6 sacks against him. He can't run well and the BC defense knows it. Bishop did very well in his quarter.

I think the Argos made a mistake in not letting the backup kicker take a shot at a field goal. I mean, why is he there as a backup if you don't trust him?

NOBODY expects…


I thought the same thing. I didn't see McMahon on the field, though. I'm assuming he didn't play tonight... unless I just missed it.

according to CFL.ca the attendance was 29,157 for the Argos game.

im hittin up alot more ticat games this year..unless they are as dull and boring as last year.

Don't worry, they won't be dg.

Imagine if the Argos still had the 33,000 seater at Exhibition Stadium, would be awesome. They have to get out of the RC soon, even a decent CFL crowd of about 30,000 looks lost almost. I know what the Mistake by the Lake is and it sure wasn't the Ex stadium that's for sure. At least in football the ball is big and you can see it from the nose bleeders, in baseball in these seats at the RC, well, forget it, I've been there and it ain't pretty.