Expected changes to the 2010 Grey Cup active roster

While there are another 90 days or so,before beginning of 2011 training camp,I am,nevertheless, listing my expected changes to this-2010 Grey Cup- 46 players active roster,based on information to date. The 2010 Grey Cup 46 players active roster,i.e. 24 Imports-I- and 22 non-imports-N-, consisted of:
QB-3 I
RB/FB- 4,i.e. 1 I and 3 N
WR/SB- 8,i.e. 5 I and 3 N
OL-7,i.e. 1 I and 6 N
DL- 8,i.e. 4 I and 4 N
LB-5,i.e. 3 I and 2 N
DB-7 i.e. 4 I and 3 N
LS/FB- 1 N
KR/WR- 1 I
K/P- 2 I
The "new'/in players,in a few instances, will be at a different position than the out players; I made sure that an import replaced an import and a non-import an non-import; the actual changes that I foresee are as follows:
Out: Chris Leak-QB-I; In: Ricky Santos or Paul Smith-QB-I
Out:Avon Cobourne-RB-I;In: Yvenson Bernard,or Emmanuel Marc or Brandon Whitaker-RB-I
Out: Ben Cahoon-SB-N; In:Matt Lambross-WR-N or draft choice-Wr/SB-N
Out: Andrew Hawkins-Wr-I; In: Brandon London,or Prechae Rodriguez or Rashaud Slaughter-WR or Wr/KR-I
Out: Skip Seagraves-OT-I ; In: Dwight Anderson -CB-I
Out: Ivan Brown-DE-N ;In: Kristian Matte or Ryan Bomben -Ol-N
Out: Jeff Robertshaw-DE-N ; In: Pat MacDonald-DE/LS-N
Out: Raymond Fontaine-LB-N ; In:Marc Olivier Brouillette-LB-N
Out: Steven Holness-S-N ; In:Tad Crawford-S-N
Out: Damon Duval-K/P-I ;In: Import RB or import LB or import Dl.
Should the Als sign Kitwana Jones-DE/LB-I, he will replace Diamond Ferri-LB-I

Based on these actual expected changes,the 46 players active roster still has 24 imports and 22 non-imports; there is 1 more DB-I- re: Anderson for Seagraves- and 1 less DL-N re:Matte or Bomben for Brown.

Presently,my main concerns/worries remain with the K/P or Colt David; I expect signings of at least 1 more import K/P and a draft choice,i.e. either Milo or O'Neill; I am positive that 1 of these 2 will attend the Als training camp.


An interesting piece of work Richard.Was Matt Lambros the receiver who was lost for the Argos with a severe injury [ broken leg ?] Where do you think Desriveaux or Deslauriers will fit in with the Als this season. Lambros is 6'2 and 210 lbs as contrasted with Desriveaux at 5' 6 and, Calgary has two jems at wide receiver and slotback.Both of these two- Anthony Parker and Nathan Coehorn are among the elite players in the upcoming Canadian Draft. Put them in the mix with Deslauriers and Desriveaux and the very needed P/FG- Milo or O'Neil and it appears our team is going to have an interesting draft this year.The problem is that we have the 8th pick.

Thank you Niagara Als; yes,Matt Lambross was "the receiver lost for the Argos with a severe injury";he was highly rated. I still think that Desrivaux and Deslauriers will make the team but,in some occasions/games,1 could be a "healthy scratch"

I predict that both Anthony Parker-SB- and Nathan Coehoorn- WR-almost same letters as Cahoon- will be drafted in the first round of the CFL draft,unless they have a bad evaluation camp, next weekend. I say Calgary will select Anthony Parker and Nathan Coehoorn could be available when we draft number 8; if so,we could select him. If both of these players are gone,when we select,we then may draft a K/P.


Evaluation camp is always interesting.
The D line is considered to be a strength of this year's draft class. Richard, what about our D-line, other than the ins-and-outs listed above? At one time you said - as is - we have too many. What about DT? What are your predictions?

According to scouts,the strenght of this year's draft is OL; hence,amongst the 15 best rated players-could change after the evaluation camp-7 are OL and only 2 are DL; of these 2,1 or Vaughn Martin plays in the NFL for San Diego; the othes are:3 WR/SB,1 LB,1 P/K and 1 RB. Personnally I would not be surprised if as many as 5 OL are drafted in the first round; I say no less than 4. The ones that could/should be drafted in round 1 are:Philip Blake-Junior-,Scott Mitchell,Tyler Holmes-Junior-,Moe Petrus-Junior- and Matt O'Donnell. The Juniors will/should be drafted by teams such as Toronto,Montreal,Saskatchewan and even BC who don't need immediate help; quite the opposite for Winnipeg,Hamilton and Calgary. Winnipeg has only 3 draft choices compared to 9 for Toronto.

Yes,I wrote that we have too many DL signed-we now have 14-; while I expect the signings of at least 1 or 2 more DT,other DL already signed will be released,if it occurs. The most "vulnerable" are presently Ivan Brown and Gavin Walls.


Speaking of DT, how about Adriano Belli again? :slight_smile:

Vaughn Martin could be a really good one to have, too!