A win at Calgary this Saturday evening will remind everyone that the REDBLACKS are respectable, but it is likely to be the second game - the home opener versus Regina - that is going to be pivotal. While the quarterbacks learn the ropes Ottawa can expect some growing pains. The key will be how quickly the team is able to find its stride. Maybe Dom Davis will surprise and outduel Bo Mitchell. More to be expected is that Davis will struggle to find his way, as will the team around him. It’s going to take time for the new group to gel: expect the real REDBLACKS to show themselves sometime after Labour Day. Until then, it’s like one extended pre-season.


So, as I was saying, it will take until Labour Day for this team to determine its identity.

Here we are:

Take Ottawa to wallop Toronto.

Not sure how we will “wallop” anybody let alone Toronto with “reduced” play calling.

How much more can we reduce our playbook? We only have 2 plays, run on first down for 4 yards and Hitch pass on second down for minus 2 yards? :o

They were throwing in the loss of the OC as their chief excuse in todays paper .

I would agree . I would also say Powell is the biggest loss . They never had a RB until him and JJ but they let both leave .

But man they could have at least reached out and seen if their was someone with some skill set to manage the playbook and create the proper execution of the plays.

The guy they lost wasn’t exactly Vince Lombardi ( not a very strong resume ) so they could have found someone within the fraternity of the CFL , CIS , NCAA or even junior that is up to the challenge to get them moving with a fast tempo offence that they used for that last 4 years .

It’s plug n play if you have the horses . Not sure what Dejardin’s been told to remove so much continuity so quickly . Maybe thats why the OC ran away in April .

I’m just poking my head out now, after Saturday’s loss to Toronto.

I think Rick Campbell is eyeing the B.C. job that is likely to be open come season’s end. It will bring him closer to his family in Seattle, I believe.

Ottawa fans can tell early if something’s wrong. The press - and especially Tim Baines - will write that the fans are panicking, or pointing fingers - but the fans can see the bad luck coming before anyone else does.

I think that we have to keep Marcel Desjardins, but he has to take control of this team as his: Rick Campbell will forever be Hugh Campbell’s son, and his CFL pedigree is guaranteed for life, but his record in Ottawa for regular season is a losing record.

Marcel can’t be afraid to swing the axe to improve the team, and he needs to wield it sooner than later, before he loses more of the respect of fans and players alike.

I think it’s Desjardins needs to go. Campbell has coached with what he has, but there is no QB. Not sure where they will find a QB either.

How do so many players walk away? Powell said that he had every intention of resigning in Ottawa, but the team never spoke to him.

MD did a great job building a team in year 2, since then his signings have been highly questionable. It appears he cannot manage within the cap.

I think Campbell should stick around. Teams that churn coaches always have ongoing problems.

Sounds like the Ottawa faithful is jumping ship as soon as there is trouble.
As much as I am not a Rick Campbell fan; having one rebuilding year should not constitute his dismissal.
The man’s been to 3 grey cups and won 1 in 6 years; what else does the man need to do to have fan support.
It appears that the early success of the franchise has spoiled RB fans. The franchise has more than delivered; now the fans need to stand up for their team, while they rebuild.

The fans will stand by the team, but won’t stand for lousy play.

Spoiled? Really? Have you forgotten about how bad our teams have been since the 80’s?

We haven’t jumped ship as mentioned in last post BUT how does a team expect to sell tickets …

-without an offensive coordinator for a full season?
-without a proven QB in a league of 9 teams??
-only one receiver (Sinopoli who will gone as soon as Free agency opens)

  • ticket prices rising $300 per seat (lower bowl) per year since the 2017 Grey Cup was here

BTW… a rebuild season would require getting NEW and talented players which they DID NOT DO
so your theory of ONE rebuild season is false. This year was a right off from the get go
next year would be another rebuild year IF they sign offensive players who can play football

… so by my count, 3 rebuild seasons (2015-2019-2020) out of 7 which includes NEXT season!

Well said, noback, bravo, I agree.

Well that was a blast!!
thanks again RedBlacks for putting on a great show :frowning:

FIRST TIME IN 30 YEARS of being an Ottawa Rough Riders / Renegades and RedBlacks season ticket holder that I left after halftime :o

Side note and most memorable play of the night … is …

Our shuttle bus back to our cars had maybe 10 of 40 people on it. We all had a good laugh pulling into Canada Post when over the radio we hear the shuttle bus supervisor saying …

“Ok I need FOUR more buses at pick up point at TD place for Canada Post” ;D ;D ;D
(that’s another 160 people leaving just after half time)

going to be a real empty place next weekend ::slight_smile:

With ZERO EXPECTATIONS for our remaining 4 games, the RedBlacks will start Will Arndt on Friday against the Argos. 8)

well i for one thought he played well last night
not a complete game but still better than Jennings and Davis’s shit shows

i think he will our no 2 guy next year behind whoever we bring in as our no.1 QB 8)

I thought Arndt looked good overall too. He made some young-QB mistakes trying to force plays at time, but he did look better than Jennings or Davis. Now, that was his first game and it was against Toronto, so we’ll have to see how he looks against better teams who’ve had some film of him to prepare with.

I liked that he seemed to target Sinopoli more than the other QBs have this year.

I really thought the Ottawa team was left in a no win situation when Elinzondo left when he did. I don’t think fans realize how hard it is to replace a quality OC that late in the off season. These results were predictable.

We understood EXACTLY was was going to happen. We knew it was bad idea that they didn’t even TRY to replace him. Even with little time to get used to our system or bring in his own system, and that it would have taken a few weeks into the season, it still would have been BETTER than “offence by committee” they went with this year. :o

Expectation for next year are simple…

  • NEW OC with more than 2 plays in his playbook (and we don’t count hitch pass left and hitch pass right as two plays ::))
  • NEW no.1 QB >>> dump Jennings and Davis - keep Arndt as back up
  • 2 new proven receivers - Sinopoli was way UNDER USED and may bolt out of town at Free agency time
  • AND a couple of DB’s who can play better than some we currently have

just my opinion but surely echoed by many RedBlacks fans 8)

I have felt your pain many times as a ticat fan. Its tough, we had a whole decade of futulity in 2000 to 2010. We made it to a couple of GCs …only to fall back.
Finally are having a good season.

For smart GMs and coaches, a year turn around is very much possible. There is a lot of talent in the league; the RBs will utilize in the off season. RBs will be competitive next year regardless of how dire things look.

These guys like Jones , the situation in Ottawa, Montreal, with guys jumping ship or getting canned. Really a week before the season started left teams in a Bind.
& Really set off panic across the CFL. other teams & Rightfully so wouldnt let Potential guys in cfl interview.

One guy I think the RedBlacks over looked was Marcus Crandall
A decade of CFL QB experience.
Several years as an OC asst, an OC , & A QB coach most recently with Ottawa in 2014.
Crandall has been the OC with CIS Sask Hyskies since 2017.
Idk if they reached out to him or not.
But they certainly should have.
Giving them an Excerienced CFL offensive player.
An Offensive Coach, an OC, QB coach.
Wuld gave the an OC & QB coach.