Agreed. Wouldn't it be nice if people actually read a bit before offering incendiary responses?

Do we still have the gold jerseys?

If it's hot and humid on Saturday we should wear those instead of black. Black gonna get hot.

Well... It seems that I am not the only one who thinks this way about FYB. Scan some of the other more active forums, and look back on some of the negative things from his other posts and see what I mean. I wouldn't bring it up if it was only one post. He is also pretty quick to call people names when they don't agree with him. That's kinda grade 3ish.

Wow. Don't be biased or anything there bud. Hamilton has won 1 game. ONE. Your defense was picked apart by Calvillo and did well against a crappy Toronto offense. The Riders haven't shown any weakness on defense. If anything, I'd give the advantage on linebackers to the Cats, but I'd give the return game to the Riders because currently, Dressler has a better average than Trey Smith, along with that give the o-line to the Riders, but give runningback to Ticats. Last week was definitely not a representation of the Riders O-line. We had a backup on right tackle who didn't play well, and the young QBs were holding on to the ball way too long. Other than that, that's pretty much what I had.

OnRiders, we had a game last week in which we not only beat our archrivals who have owned us the past few years, but we have looked the best we have in the past 6 years. I know we may come across as confident, perhaps overconfident, but chalk it up to excitement. That's all. We're excited about our team, now that it seems we're getting it turned around. So you'll just have to excuse some of the over-the-top optimism. I don't like making such bold predictions as some fans on this forum. I expect a close game, not a blowout by either team. That's it.

True enough.

what is grade 3ish is resorting to discussing fellow posters instead of sticking to the topic. Anyone who puts themself out there as much as I do is bound to have some people disagree, and some quite strongly. Means nothing.

Forget the Montreal game. Everyone who thought the Als were going to struggle this year were so far off the mark that it isn't funny. The Als, at least in the early going, are the class of the league and the Cats happened to face them the first game. The results were devastating. They made us look bad. The Argos on the other hand made us look good. But don't count them out. Once they get their problems sorted out they will be the same old Argos. Saturday's game will be interesting. If the Cats can handle the Riders defence we will prove that we are right there with the best of them.

FYB, as one of the better posters on here, I look forward to your continued participation.

It's going to be hot! The question is whether it's going to wet..... Oskee wee wee

Environment Canada Weather Forecast

City of Hamilton
Issued at: 11.00 AM EDT Friday 11 July 2008

Saturday..Sunny with cloudy periods. Becoming cloudy late in the day. 60 percent chance of showers late in the evening. Risk of a thunderstorm. Wind becoming southwest 20 km/h late in the day. High 31.

I listened to Printers on his show and some of his interviews and noticed the passion he has to be sucessful.. Due to this i believe Printers will come through for us tommorow and we will be Sask. Printers will throw for over 300 yards.

thankyou :slight_smile: :thup:

i think thats true but the riders prety much dont have a good team right now like no good QB ah the lost flick for the season i dont even know the name of there back up and iam from sask but iam a tigercats fan

ok, so I was off by one week.

The message is still the same.

A young team, in more ways than one, had a great game and won. Then, they come back home on that high, and manage to play a good team tough. It is to be EXPECTED that they would then come out flat next game, on the road. It is not the end of the world. It does NOT mean they are reverting back to last yr. It is not an excuse to jump off the bandwagon. Even the best teams will often come out flat after playing two great games.

If anyone jumps off the wagon now, they should not bother jumping back on, if and when the ticats do better in the second half of the season, if not before.