ok, who expects the ticats to do as well against the riders?

Teams usually have a let down after a big emotional win.

Ticats are still mostly young and inexperienced

Rider injuries may help the cats, but...

What I am saying is, even if the results of this game are dissappointing, one shouldnt be ready to jump off the bandwagon because I for one expect a rider win, even if the cats go on to be real playoff contenders.

Not too often that I agree with FootbalYouBet, but I do agree here. In a dream season we get things turned around after one week and roll through the season winning. But its much more likely, in such a big rebuilding year, to be a case of two steps forward and one or two steps backward. This team's goal should be to scrap and fight hoping to somehow make the playoffs, and then who knows. As for this week, people seem to be forgetting how well the Saskatchewan defense has been playing. If we get shut down, like we were against the AL's, we might be in for a rude surprise. Our "d" is not that good, at least not yet....

I expect a win and wouldnt be surprised if they hang a beating on SSK.
People who prefer to see Ham. be the perpetual losers are slow in catching on that this team has changed.

Worried about a banged up team (that wasnt all that great to begin with) with a third string QB on the road vs. Printers, Lumsden, Moreno ....?

Time to start setting expectations a little higher.

They just have to play competitive football and you have a shot at winning every time out. Exactly what the Riders did last week. They stayed disciplined and played hard to the whistle and pulled an unlikely win by capitalising on some missed tackles by the Lions.

Now they know they can win, they just have to stay focus and play hard and as a team.

I think we can beat Saskatchewan this Saturday, but I don`t think it will be easy. I like the way our offense is coming together, but they have a very good defense. If we can play a disciplined game like we did against the blue team. We have a real good shot.

They had better have a good defense because they'll be on the field in the heat all afternoon.

They had better have a good defense because they'll be on the field in the heat all afternoon.
I hope your right. Which means no points for the riders!

This game is nearly impossible to call.

Which Ti-Cats team will show up?
Will there be a let down for either team after an emotional road win?
Will the Cats D be able to shut down Wes Cates?
Can the Green Riders win on the road again with a 3rd or 4th string QB?
Is Lumsden capable of back-to-back monster games?

I say 3rd or 4th string because last year Joseph was the starter and Crandell was the backup. I like Crandell but he didn't earn the starting job, he got the position by default when Joseph was dealt. On every other team, he'd be the backup.

It'll be fun to watch.

it will be close game
Lets Break it down

QB Winner Ticats + 1
WR Roughriders + 1

OL Hamilton +1

DL Roughriders + 1
LB Roughriders+ 1

CB Roughriders + 1

Kickers EVEN

KR Hamilton +1

Rougher should have 4-3 Over us Player Wise.

I saying Roughriders 24 Hamilton 22.

I expect: a TiCat victory, cold beer, clear skies, mellow Jason Farr, a decent parking spot, intoxicated Fifth Quarter callers, rowdy Rider fans, no traffic delays on the drive home.

Is that too much to ask?

Sold! I'm off to Vegas.

All things a side, I will not subscribe to your theory.

That is about the silliest thing I've ever read on this site. HB even? WTF, and I'd say the qb advantage at least plus 25 in our advantage, secondaries in our advantage, we have a better safety and better db's also better line backers their D line is overrated, they lack a pure pass rusher without Perry. And the receiver advantage means nothing considering we can take them out of the game by playing zone all night long against their stupid qb's.

31-3 Hamilton

points for-sask
points against-sask
pass yds-sask
rush yds-ham
pass yds d-sask
rush yds d-sask

with sask only giving up 57yds on the ground per game and hamilton rushing 231yds per game I think that is where the game will be decided. If cats run well they win, if sask shuts down run game sask wins.

31-3? Thats a bold prediction. I love the confidence… most of all you have backed it up with actual football facts.

Good post.

If it’s a hot humid day then yes we will completely own them on the ground. Remember they’re not use to the humdity and their D will be on the field all night. And there is no way they win in the passing stats battle against Durrant and Jyles, Creehan’s defences have always domintated young inexperienced qb’s.

Any time your play an injured team at home you should win if your a competitive team. The Question is:

Will the Ticats beat themselves?
the Lions did

Hey footballYouBet, I only hope that the Cats smash BC this year so that you will stop coming to this forum and talking down about the team. Momentum envy maybe? BC on the decline with issues at QB, the Cats on the rise with potential out the wazoo. Please, take your gloom elsewhere.

After the argo rompin I do expect the cats to win, will they? Who knows.

Its going to be a blowout -
Ticats 55 Rider 3!!!

Lumsden will run roughshod over them weak Sask linebackers - at least 200 yards this week. Tre will run for over a 100 yards too and so will Printers.

you are some kind of idiot if you dont get that the cats are my second fav team this yr.

emotion is a big part of the game and I am not here talking down about the cats at all. Just saying that it would be normal for a young team to come out flat after winning a big game. It can and usually does happen even to the best of teams.