Expect Williams to get the start

I think we can expect Williams to finally get the start Saturday. No sense risking further injury to Printers when Williams is playing so good.

I agree, don't play Printers unless he's healthy. Plus, I'd be excited to see Richie start a game.

Whether Printers is healthy or not, Williams has earned the next start. After all, coaches always say players earn their playing time.

An Argo-Cat fan

This season is lost anyway so they should rest Printers and let him heal 100% first before playing again.

I would really like to see how Williams plays when he takes all the snaps.

You guys have to stop with the he has earned the RIGHT to start business .

This is the CFL , pro football, not kids football . It`s pro ball and nothing is fair . Printers is the starter if he can play. If not someone else has to start . Whether he plays well is up to him , but if Printers can play at all he should be the starter.

We have a starter that everyone wanted , hes here and he is being paid alot of money to play here . Im tired of the contraversey around the Ticats regarding the QB position . We have to get a starter like all the other teams and get him to build confidence between him and the rescievers and O line .

Backups do not EARN starts with one good performance generating a win. He has shown he can manage a game but to suggest that he should get a start regardless of Printers' health is crazy talk.

Crash , we were both thinking of that at the same time . Whos says we cant agree !!!!

The story of back-ups having a good game is a long one. The story of back-ups bombing in the following game is a familiar one. We are paying top dollar for Printers and if he’s ready to go (no risk of further damage) then he is the one who has to take the snaps. Remember the dynamite start of one Kevin Eakins----never, ever duplicated that feat. Williams is and should remain our ace in the hole.

If Printers is healthy, he starts. To start Williams over a healthy Printers would be showing a lack of confidence in their #1.
Something the Ticats do not want to do.

not suggesting Williams plays over a healthy Printers, but I don't think he is healthy enough to risk more severe injury...So that's why I think Williams gets the start. Should know soon...

So what does the title of the thread suggest???

Has anyone been at practice this week that can comment???

If Printers is ready...he goes. Period.

Printers was hurt in KC and he was hurting last week. My money would be on him resting his leg for a few weeks. But I agree he is our starter, if he's good to go. I hope to see Williams again soon though, he has looked so good.

Richie has played well. I don't has looked great. His performance looks that much better considering the play at QB this season. Casey is the #1 guy regardless of how Richie plays if Casey can go he starts if not Richie get his shot until Casey is ready to go.

If Printers only knew 41% of the playbook last week, how much more did he pick up this week in practice (while injured)?

A hamstring injury is one of those nagging/recurring injuries that is best healed over time.

So, why not let Williams (who knows 100% of the playbook) start and see what happens?

The depth chart lists Printers as the starter.

The Score is reporting Williams is expected to start.

I think Williams has been one of the most under-rated QB's in the CFL. Having Printers and Williams as a one, two punch..is something very positive, long term for Hamilton.

I have mentioned this before, Ockham,
you may have missed it when I posted it.

Until Casey got injured, Richie Williams
ran our opponents's Offence every week.

He was our scout team QBs.

That's what 3rd string QBs do.

He has had just 2 weeks of practice
physically executing our Offence.

Regarding Casey's injury

If the team medical staff thinks
Casey's recent re-straining
of his left hamstring muscle

has settled down enough so
it won't re-strain easily
he will be back in action.

It is a well known fact, that
players play hurt or 'nicked up'

Casey strained his hamstring
at Training Camp in Kansas City

He played with it in NFL Exhibition Games

and he played 2 games with us with this injury.

Sportsnet reporting Williams to start.

Lancaster just confirmed on CHML that Williams is starting.