expect the unexpected?

sometime later this week, the riders will announce their new HC. does anyone think that if richie hall is not named HC that he will see it as a slight and leave? i'm not sure where he would go but if he was the obvious choice and that his time had come, don't you think ET would have done it already?

maybe richie is not that type of guy and hopefully for the fans and players, he stays but, expect the unexpected sometime mid-week.

city legend

I don't think Richie would leave, regardless. He's got a good position as defensive coordinator and he hasn't been offered a head coach position elsewhere. He likely doesn't want to be unemployed just to make a statement. I would love to see him get the HC position though.

Of course he will leave… next season. It will be brutal if he doesnt get the nod.

Brutal? Was it brutal when he didnt get the job last year? I want Tillman to hire Hall. I hope he does. But I dont know the other coaches. Neither do you. I hope its Hall. But Tillman proved he can hire good coaches. Montreal didnt hire Hall. Calgary didnt hire Hall. Why should we have to. Yes I hope he does hire Hall. But I dont think I know enough about the other coaches to call it brutal.

What people need to remember is with coaches and GMs it is an old boys club.
Likely more so with ET.
ET has only known Richie for less than two years.
Pretty much every other candidate on the list he has known for anywhere from 15-25 years and has worked with them before.
Considering ET's primary criteria, in his first interview on this issue, he said "it will be someone he knows very well".
That ain't Richie.
The other thing to remember is, ET will talk at length about how he likes to go against conventional thinking.
He did it with Dave Ritchie in BC.
He did it with Kent Austin here. Conventional wisdom in Ottawa was that Poapoa was a suspect choice.
In TO, it wasn't his decision.

Anyway, Richie didn't get hired in Calgary because they had a long relationship with Huffer.
In Montreal it is another long relationship.
It is just how it is....most of the time...

Makes sense. But that would mean no Gibson and no Miller. How long has he known Harris from Winnipeg? Maybe a NFL guy. Or Dave Ritchie.


So Hall was the right man last year? If not tell me this. How is brutal this year and not brutal last year?

I hope Hall gets it. But Jman I ask this. Do you know the other coaches? I dont either. So how can we say he has to be Hall?

If there's someone available who Tillman feels is more qualified and in a better position to keep this franchise winning and moving forward than who can really fault him?

When it all comes down to it Eric Tillman knows a heck of a lot more about football than pretty well any of us on here, so even if he doesn't pick someone we want as the coach, im not going to argue with the choice.

Agree. Austin is gone. Tillman will pick a good coach. Joseph may go to. But what if Riders have another good year? Win 10 games. 11 games. Maybe finish 1st in west this year. What will some complain about then? Something. They always do dont they?

Brutal would be Higgins. Or Machoke. Or the new guy in Montreal.

I think he has known Gibson and Miller for 30 years or some such...

Higgins would have been on my short list--but as far as I know, he has no history with ET, so he was likely never even an afterthought for ET.

At this point, I will be thrilled with whomever the choice is--much happier than I was last year.

I’m just relieved that Steve Buratto and George Cortez are officially out of the running. I’m not gonna get into it, but I didn’t want those guys as our next head coach.

I want Richie Hall. Who cares if Montreal didn’t hire him. Montreal’s front office is Poop…I mean Popp.

I’m comfortable with whoever ET hires.

He is the best choice. Nobody knows our team better. Tillman says he wants continuity (sp?). I dont need to know any other coaches to know that Richie is the best decision.

If Richie is the best candidate I hope he gets the job, it's that simple for me. I don't know much about the other candidates so I can't say anything more than that.

What are you saying Dust? You dont know more than Tillman? That is a 1st on this board. Make that a 2nd. You and me.

I hope it is Richie Hall. But I will support Tillman. And the coach he hires. Hall or not. He hired Austin and that came out ok didnt it? A cup in the 1st year. And Tillman has 3 Grey Cup rings. 3 different teams. Does any coach or other gm in CFL have 3 with 3 teams? Does anyone know?

If its not Hall who will it be? I think Dave Ritchie. They have BC history. Didnt Tillman say last year if it wasnt Austin it would have been Ritchie? Maybe Gibson or Miller. Mitchell Blair said players seem to like Miller. I bet Hall has lot of support with players to.

I could go into all the negative things that have followed his career as well as the 3 rings Austin, but instead I'll just answer your question.
I do not know for certain, but chances are 3 rings with 3 different teams is unprecedented.
If you just count the GM position.
I can't think of anyone at least. There have been a few with two for sure, but likely not three.

No negatives with Shivers right? No negatives with Popp right? No negatives with Buono right? No negatives with Barker right? No negatives with Rita right? You believe all the BS you want. 3 is 3. This is funny thing. If Riders win again. This year or in 2009. If Tillman leaves with 4 you will still hate him. You will say he crapped on Riders. Sad but true.

I don't hate him.
I just don't put anyone up on a pedastal.
Of course Roy had negatives. And firing him was never the issue--it was the circumstances of that firing that left a sour taste in my mouth.
But if you want to hear it, okay--the 2007 Grey Cup team was largely constructed by Roy Shivers. ET did a very good job of steeering the ship in the exact samr direction as it was going.
I give him every bit of credit in the world for doing that.
I expect us to win more Grey Cups in the next few years.
We have the talent, we have the SMS working to our benefit. I really don't know what to say.
If we win 4, great. We will certainly have exceeded expectations then won't we?

But you're right. I never should have even mentioned the "negatives". It wasn't needed.
I could have just answered the question.
I just personally get a little goofy when people go all goofy over what is a trivial pursuit question/answer, "which GM has won 3 Grey Cups with 3 different teams".
It might be an interesting question at a cocktail party, but if the question is, "name the best GM in the league", ET's name doesn't spring to mind for me.
I would rather have Wally or Popp.
And the best performance by a GM the last two years has been Brendan Taman.

Agree on Buono. Not on Popp. We disagree on that. And on Tillman. But thats ok. I cheer for the Riders. I did for Shivers. I do for Tillman. And I will for whoever is after Tillman. But back to the Shivers mostly built the 2007 Riders. What about 2006? 2005? 2004? 2003? 2002? Thats my point. None of them got a home playoff game. None of them won the cup. Shivers did more than some want to say. Tillman did more than you want to say. Thats my opinion.

Hire Richie Hall. I hope he does.