Expect the unexpected, Argos!

The Bomber's might as well drop the Swaggerville moniker and go with Turnoverville. It's what cost them the Banjo Bowl. I loved how the Bomber D kept spying Fantuz in the secondary leaving Durant to throw to open pockets of opportunity and not only to Getz and Dress, but anyone else who happened to be open. All I can say is there is something truly positive going on in that Rider locker room. Durant's confidence in the pocket has noticeably improved and Cates looks like a version of his former 2007 self. Grandpa's grimace is non-existent, it almost seems that the captain's chair holds some kind of Botox anti-frowning property for good ol' Coach Miller. Whatever it is, we are back, baby!

The Argos are going to watch tape this week and have no idea who our secret weapon is. We've gone from the worst receiving corps in the league to the crown jewel in a matter of two weeks. In the same two weeks, TSN have aired two more episodes of their 'behind the scenes' documentary illustrating how much they suck, no matter how good Sam Elliott makes them sound.

All in all you guys, Riderville is back and in full effect and you best believe that the Argos are going to be another notch in the old green and white bed post. Only in the CFL is it possible for a 3-7 team to still have a crack at the Cup. Prepare to witness greatness in the short future!!

(A note to Mr. Pierce: Before your next game, you should consider buying new straps for your helmet. By the constant action of you snapping your chin strap on just to turn around and pull it off due to constant 2 and outs, your lid is loosening and coming off easier than it should. That hit today from Butler illustrated that. Ouch)

let's not let these 2 wins go to our head now.

it's only 2 wins!

yes we NEED to win it but we can't go there expecting to win.

So that’s how it is, hey? Are you a 2007 bandwagon jumper? Have you not felt the magic of the last 2 weeks? There is no flukey streak going on here, the Riders are hungry and every green blooded fan out there knows it. Save your bleak comments for the topics posted before the Labor Day Classic and leave the Rider Pride to us true fans.

up yours buddy.. clearly you don't know who I am.

go ask a few people about me before spouting off crap like that!!!

I'm one of the biggest and most intense Rider fans on this damn board so you take your bandwagon jumping bs and go shove it!

I love this too but I don't allow 2 wins to go to my head and expect them to just roll over the Argos!

I know how things can look to fans who see their team win 2 big games vs the "best team" in the CFL! they see something huge but they don't care to look at it from both sides!

I'm a bigger Riders fan than you'll ever dream of being! take your 5 posts and go walk away before things get ugly!

:roll: :roll:

Wow. I am lucky to have found such a fine ambassador to Riderville as you are, fellow "fan". You sure know how to make a new member feel welcome here. You are an inspiration to all fans wanting the bragging rights as being the '#1 Rider fan'. Thanks for your input and your warm words.

Anyway, see the rest of you this weekend in the sea of green!!

Go Riders!

well you don't go saying crap like that when you clearly don't know anything about me.

saying that I'm a 2007 bandwagon jumper is pretty ignorant, so what did you expect from me?

I have been a huge supporter of this team every season since I've been able to comprehend sports. through the awful awful 80's.. to the Grey Cup in 89, to the terrible early 90's and the 97 Grey Cup Blow out. and then again through the sad Shivers/Barrett Era.

Not once did I ever stop being a huge fan and support my Riders! But I'm not one of these fans that says "THE SKY IS BLUE AND SUNNY" when it's clearly rainy and cloudy with howling winds!...

I was one of the fans who called for the heads of Marshall and Berry and so far we're right.

I'm sorry for the bandwagon comment, dude. Didn't know who I was talking to. I'm just jacked that the magic is back. Today's game was testament to the will to win that Miller has brought back into the hearts of our Riders. I just hope that when we meet the Argos, we remember the same intensity we had today and that Dressler doesn't forget he has two hands...

Welcome to the board, sharky. you'll get used to cflisthebest - just takes some time. No, change that, a lot of time ...

just remember, I'm not going to sit back and just let things roll. I will defend my pride and myself.

and to be honest I wish a lot more people would do the same. stand up for what you believe in and have a little guts to voice your opinion!

I may be a little off the mark at times but you cannot question my loyalty and enthusiasm towards the League and these Roughriders.

@legalbeagle Thanks for the welcome, man. Glad to be aboard.
@cflisthebest I didn't mean any disrespect to you with my comments, it's just that I've seen my fair share of fair weather Rider fans over the years. When I went to the extent I did with my above original post, I was expecting a positive response. With the first reply being 'It's only 2 wins" coming back to me after I hung my balls out there, yeah, I get a little edgy. I'm glad you came back at me the way you did though, buddy. It showed me that you have the same passion that I do about our Riders, and it's obvious that like me, you don't enjoy anyone telling you otherwise. With that being said, we cool?

SHARKMAN, I am sure nothing woeful was intended. A little tip is to look to the right side of the screen. You will see how long one has been on-board and posting freaquency/ In CITB’s case over 5 years, and very active poster.

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OH, and welcome to the board!

@depopulationINC Thanks for the heads up on that, buddy. Had I noticed cflisthebest's stats in the first place, I probably wouldn't have replied to him as if he was some noob. Live and learn, I guess.

ya we're cool! :smiley:

I'm glad to see another Rider fan like myself here!

@cflisthebest Right on, man. You seem like a cool guy and I have to admit, it was kind of fun sparring with ya! It seems I've met my match when it comes to having Rider Pride. lol