Expect Some Big Roster Moves in the next week

There will be alot of roster changes on the Bomber's within the next week, due to various factors:

  1. Doggett is expected to return to The Bombers within the next couple of days.

  2. The play of Emmanual Marc in camp and on Sunday raises the question, do the Bomber's cut Bernard?

  3. January is out with a torn Pectoral muscle, big loss, but Hamilton is shopping Zac Carlson who is a great player at 6'4, 300 LBS and he has played both guard and tackle at Weber State. Winnipeg and Calgary are in the running for Carlson, but he has a steep asking price rumoured to be a 1ST round pick and/or an experienced DB. We just have to wait and see!!

Also expect some cuts on Monday after the preseason game in Hamilton as the roster needs to be set very soon!!

That's crazy... Carlson is not worth a 1st round pick. Shocking that there would be that much interest for him.

Give Toronto a call before cutting Bernard.

...i totally agree.....furthermore the dealing of draft pics are off the table, period...according to Mack and Lapo we would have to be receiving one heck of a player before we'd consider trading pics. AND Carlson ain;t it.. :wink:

exactly... the only way carlson ends up here via trade is if they are interested in another onlineman, or one of the dbs that may be on the bubble... which i doubt are of any interest to the cats as they have their own hopefulls... unless keyou craver gets beat out of a job (very possible at this point) then he may hold some trade value

Do not shoot the messenger, i only quoted what i read on the Calgary Harold website. Yes i scroll through other cities newspaper's as well, it can sometimes give you a good laugh, trust me. An example i read a month or so in The Calgary Harold was that "Hank" or his agent and the GM was in trade talks with BC, rumoured was Burris, Rambo and another player i cannot recall for Printers and Paris Jackson. That had to be the biggest laugh i have ever had in my life. :lol: :lol: