Expect Huge Crowd Friday Night!

Look, I'm sick of losing, sick of excuses, there is no Ticat fan that isn't. But this year of 0-5 is different to the last 3, 4 seasons of 0-?(cant count anymore). Last year we were hoping that the overpaid underacheaving bums would pull through and get it done. So did Bob Young. (he knows more about football then we think) In comes a Coaching team with accountability and pride. The fact is this team is loaded with superstars in the making. I challenge any of you Ticat fans to deny the fact that we are all very curious to see how this team can gel together. When this happens it could be incredible. Which is why I think that there will be a huge crowd Friday because something special is brewing and we want to see it through. Our frustration is different this year in that we want results now. But were going to stick around to get it.

We never had this last year. Am i way off base?

i am expecting a crowd of less than 20,000 this friday

Long Weekend will hurt as it always has. Chance of Rain but only 30% and just showers. I'm guessing 24,500.

No way, 28,001 For sure!

thats funny. no, im saying no more than 21 K


Listen Cat fans, this is it, plain and simple. If Hamilton can't win a game on home field against a team that just beat them a week ago, then it's time to get rid of your team and bring back the Renegades. Never mind the 6-point deficit the oddsmakers have made them, Hamilton should be able to and must be able to beat a Winnipeg team that is nor should be, by no means, a 6-point favorite over a team they beat on their home turf a week ago. In actual fact what it boils down to is simply that the odds makers have basically listed the Tabbies as the 'doormat' of the CFL or better yet, tabbed them as complete 'pussies'. Imagine having your pro team listed as a 6-point puppy as they try to defend their home turf against the same club that just beat the snot out of them a week ago on visiting turf? I'd say that's totally embarrassing to say the least and to put it bluntly, a disgrace to the entire CFL. Go get 'em Hamilton and put those oddsmakers in their place. :twisted:

[quote="geoff1 the odds makers have basically listed the Tabbies as the 'doormat' of the CFL .
Nah, I think the team has pretty much done that themselves.

8) Considering that we don't have another home game till Labour Day, the attendance for Fridays game may be more than we anticipate !!!

Winnipeg is not a huge Draw
We are 0-5
If it Rains 20,211
With Out rain 22,500

Does Blackout night mean the game is blacked out on TV? Maybe there should be a TV black out to get people to come to the game.

mikem, Bob kyboshed the TV blackout as soon as he bought the team.



Actual attendance will be 19, 452.

Announced attendance will be 22, 452.

I hope more than ever everyone rallies around this team. The city, or more specifically Mr. Balsillie and the city and hockey fans, just lost out on a chance to bring the Preds here, we all know that very few people think well of Hamilton and this city. By supporting our TiCats big time in the face of what is a losing season so far, we are telling people we love our team, the city and support our team and to heck with the Bettmans, Leafs etc. who all want Hamilton to go away under a hole and die. Ain’t going to happen people!!! We are here to stay and be “in your face”. :twisted:

I expect between 22 and 23 thousand announced. Like others I feel several thousand won't show up. The game in Winnipeg even for the positve viewers has to be seen as a step backwards considering the 4th quarter collapse was so large and even they have to admit the casual fan is only going to see the scoreboard result and act accordingly

Lousy excuse for attending anything Earl.

Night shift over?