Expect exodus

New coach... usually means new players...

Here's a quote from Korey Banks....

"If the ship is sinking, I don't want to be a part of it," said defensive back Korey Banks, the CFL interceptions king and potential free agent.

Speaking later about the chances of returning to the Renegades, he said, "I just don't want to waste my career losing."

Once one of the team leaders they all will leave.

The danger in all of this is as typically Lonie and his clowns will spend more time/energy/dollars on plugging up holes from their stars leaving... They will try to wow us with ex-NFL'ers who are just names with out CFL credo's...

Instead of building a good corp of young offencive lineman that need to grow together as a unit... Lonie will try to bring in some names @ QB and other positions which currently as critical.

Expect revolving doors...
The Renegades will be the expansion team that fails to expand. All they had to do was re-hired Tillaman...

Yeah, Loonie will bring in any nutbar available. Ryan Leaf? Terell Owens? Lawrence Phillips? Dexter Manley?

Maybe when Gary Hogeboam finishes on Survivor they'll bring him in too!

Sorry Ottawa fans...I shouldn't poke a stick at you guys when you have the circus in town. I hope things turn around for you.

This guy has done something different with different teams almost everyear... That to me smells funny...


Following is the coaching career of new Renegades coach John Jenkins:

1974-75: Offensive coordinator, Nacogdoches High School (Texas)

1976: Defensive coordinator, Arkansas High School (Arkansas)

1977-78: Secondary coach, University of Arkansas

1979-83: Linebacker coach, Mississippi State University

1984: Special teams/running backs coach. Houston Gamblers, USFL

1985: Offensive co-ordinator, Houston Gamblers

1986: Offensive co-ordinator, New Jersey Generals, USFL

1986: Offensive co-ordinator, University of Pittsburgh

1987-89: Offensive co-ordinator, University of Houston

1990-92: Coach/offensive co-ordinator, University of Houston

1993-94: Secondary coach/U.S. scout, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

1995: Offensive co-ordinator/U.S. scout, Birmingham Barracudas (CFL)

1996: Offensive co-ordinator/U.S. scout, Hamilton Tiger-Cats

1997-98: Offensive co-ordinator/U.S. scout, Toronto Argonauts

1999: Offensive co-ordinator, Milwaukee Mustangs (Arena Football League)

1999: U.S. Scout, Edmonton Eskimos

2000: Coach/offensive co-ordinator, Arkansas Twisters (AFL)

2001-02: Offensive co-ordinator/U.S. scout, Toronto Argonauts

2003: CFL scout (various teams)

2004: Offensive co-ordinator, Calgary Stampeders

Interesting resume! Nomadic to say the least.

Gliebs should try to bring in T.O. - he's no longer an Eagle. Just another idea to plant in their heads.

T.O is still an Eagle.....they just plan on de-activating him after his suspension is served.....you never know what could happen in the meantime - I hope he doesn't play again. He's got talent, but conceit that far surpasses it....

hey, i'd take Owens in a heartbeat. Banks will be back, the gades will be very active in the free agent market. And you all seem to forget, that Tillman is the one who traded away John Grace, who has been the best linebacker in the league for the past couple of years. Sure he's brought in a lot of other talent, but this trade will forever stay etched in my mind, simply because the position on defence that we are most lacking at, MLB, is where #7 used to set up shop.

I'm sure that any team would take t.o. in a heartbeat, even if he is selfish.