expect Chris Jones to be named Eskimos' head coach

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REGINA - Expect Toronto Argonauts defensive coordinator Chris Jones to be the next head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos.

Ed Hervey won’t likely be introducing the replacement for Kavis Reed until about Dec. 10 in order to have him in place for the Ottawa expansion draft on Dec. 16.

But when that press conference comes, expect Jones to be named the 20th coach in Eskimos history.

The Eskimos’ general manager hasn’t completed initial interviews with all of the candidates. He says he has one remaining.

That’s likely former Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Danny Barrett, now coaching at Central Florida. Barrett’s season came to a conclusion this weekend.

“While waiting for candidates’ seasons to be over, I’ve done a lot of work finding coaches who have worked on staffs with two or three of the candidates getting opinions and impressions. And I’ve done the same with various players,? said Hervey.

Hervey was at the Grey Cup to see Eskimos equipment manager Dwayne Mandrusiak win the Commissioner’s Award. He said the fact that both the Calgary Stampeders and Argos were eliminated last weekend has put his search ahead of schedule.

“Three candidates became available to talk to this week,? Hervey said.

He admits those were Toronto’s Jones and Calgary’s offensive coordinator Dave Dickenson and defensive coordinator Rick Campbell.

“I expect to be down to my short list at the beginning of the week,? said Hervey of his first coaching search and hire.

“There will be four or five names on the list.?

Dickenson, it is believed, has decided to remain with head coach and GM John Hufnagel, much like Mike Benevides turned down head coaching opportunities to stay in B.C. before Wally Buono promoted Benevides as his replacement.

There’s every expectation Hervey’s short list will thus be:

  1. Chris Jones

  2. Rick Campbell

  3. Paul LaPolice

  4. Kerwin Bell

While the one initial stage telephone interview with the remaining candidate might make that a five-man list, Hervey said he expects to spend next week proceeding to do in-person interviews.

“I will visit the remaining candidates as opposed to flying them in to Edmonton,? he said.

While those interviews could sway things, your correspondent is completely convinced that, if Hervey had to make the decision today, he’d choose Jones.

Campbell, son of Eskimos coaching and general manager legend Hugh Campbell, has been heavily rumoured to be the favourite, but I believe Hervey has concerns about how tough of a sell he would be to the fan base and, most importantly, who he might be able to deliver as his coordinators and coaching staff. With an unbelievable turnover of assistant coaches under Reed, Hervey is quite candid that’s his No. 1 priority.

LaPolice doesn’t seem like a fit for Hervey’s personality off his “Swaggerville? history in Winnipeg and reports him losing the dressing room there.

Bell, coaching at Jacksonville University, also rumoured to be a strong candidate in one report, is interesting. He’s a former Eskimos quarterback — if ever so briefly — and has been building a reputation as a coach.

But he’d likely be the long shot.

I’m convinced bringing in someone with Eskimos DNA isn’t in play here. Indeed, it might be a disadvantage.

Hervey, I believe, figures he has enough Eskimos DNA himself and is looking to find a winner with a solid staff that will work together and stay together long-term.

Jones has won championships as a coordinator in Montreal, Calgary and Toronto. During his 12 years in the league, his teams have never missed the playoffs and have appeared in nine division finals.

He has probably the best reputation of all the projected short-list candidates in evaluating talent and in being detailed as an organizer and being a coach who holds players accountable. The latter is another key area considering the Eskimos’ penalty problems under Reed.

Expect Chris Jones to be the next head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos.

Arash madani tweeted 20 mins ago, that Jones has in fact been offered the job. Expect Doug berry to be OC.

After the disaster and the horrid performance by his defense in the East Final and the overall inept yearly performance, I hope Jones gets the Esks job. Good riddance.

The argos had a high turnover in the defense after the 100th grey cup. Jones had to rebuild the defense all over again this season.

The Sun has a fact wrong. Jones did not, in point of fact, win a championship with Montreal as a coordinator. He was D-line coach in 2002 the year we won. It was the following year that he was promoted to DC, but then we didn’t win another Grey Cup until after he left at the end of 2007.

Looks like Edmonton's futility will continue. Ego Jones is terribly overrated coach. No idea how to scheme a defence - - he can only rely on tricking opposing offences with ridiculous formations. Using DBs to pass rush while having the DLine drop into coverage is just one example.

What's really going to be interesting is watching the dysfunction unfold between two egomaniacs - - Jones and Hervey. Should be good for quite a few laughs.

Great move by Toronto to get rid of Jones. Immediate upgrade on defence for the Argos.

It not the players fault he is a horrible DC, as his schemes are out too lunch.
Press coverage all year with the some lineman dropping back into coverage, no wonder Henry had all day in the pocket to throw and there was absolutely no pressure on him.

This is about the best endorsement for Jones you could get.

Not sure if you watched any Toronto games this year but I'd suggest you go back and take a look at some film on Toronto's D. Then again, would you even know what you're looking for when watching the D?

I've been saying Ego Jones is overrated and his schemes are a joke for two years. Argo fans are finally getting a clue and realizing that Area51 was right about Jones being a fraud. Maybe after two or three years with a sub .500 record and ZERO playoff appearances casual fans like yourself will finally be able to recognize it too.

referring to yourself in the third person? HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I don't disagree that Jones is overrated, but to say he's a fraud who doesn't know how to "scheme" a good defense is hilariously off-base. I suppose he's won championships as a DC in Calgary and Toronto through luck? The man consistently fields effective defenses, has done so for 10 years, but apparently he's a fraud? I've got news for you: dropping linemen into coverage while sending corners on a blitz is something every DC does now and again. The fact that you're keying in on that routine change-up look as the reason for Jones's supposed incompetence proves to me that you don't understand football.

Toronto had the best red zone defense in the league. Sounds to me that this guy actually knows what he's doing...

Of course success as a co-ordinator doesn't always translate to being a good head coach like a certain smug arrogant bastard that shall remain nameless cough Cortez cough...

Ego Jones dropped DLinemen back into coverage way more frequently than just "now and again". When you've got one of the most dominant DTs in the league you let him collapse the pocket - - it was comical to see Kalif Mitchell floundering around 20yds downfield while the opposing QB was allowed to stand in the pocket with ZERO pressure.

But even if you believe Ego Jones is a brilliant X and O's guy, you can't account for the disastrous personnel moves. Cutting your defensive captain in mid season simply for saying the new guys aren't grasping the ridiculously complex defensive schemes? Challenging a player to fight during practice and then cutting him after being laughed off?

Lots of luck with this guy, Eskimo Fan.

Whether or not Jones is going to be in Edmonton is purely speculative at this time. But I doubt that any opinions on this site will be taken into consideration. Just like teams don't take notice of area51's thoughts on playing injured.

Casual fan.... hey.... Your what ? A gifted fan ? :lol: Ego Jones :cowboy: Wow...